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Quarterbacks coach Matt Canada tests positive, Ben Roethlisberger not a high risk contact

The Pittsburgh Steelers QB coach won’t be coaching in Week 12, but the good news is all Steelers QBs are safe, for now.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers, like many NFL teams, are starting to deal with increased number of COVID-19 positive cases, and it goes beyond the players and to the coaching staff. On the same day it was reported special teams coordinator Danny Smith had tested positive for COVID-19, it is also being reported quarterbacks coach Matt Canada has also tested positive for the coronavirus.

This per Aditi Kinkhabwala of the NFL Network:

If you were like me, when you heard Canada had tested positive you began to wonder if the Steelers would be dealing with a situation like the Denver Broncos, who will be entering Week 12 with all of their active quarterbacks on the reserve list after Jeff Driskel tested positive and all of the team’s quarterbacks were deemed high-risk contacts.

The good news on the report for the Steelers is it doesn’t seem Roethlisberger would fall into the same category he fell in after Vance McDonald tested positive after the Cowboy game and four Steelers, including Roethlisberger, had to miss the week of practice for precautionary reasons.

But before fans get too excited about the news, James Palmer of NFL Network reminded everyone that after Driskel tested positive, Drew Lock wasn’t considered to be a high risk contact either.

With the Baltimore Ravens continuing to have positive cases trickle in, so far the Steelers seem to be proving the protocols are working. The Steelers have been all virtual for three weeks now, and the fact James Conner was placed on the Reserve List without any high risk contacts is a good sign for the protocols working.

The Steelers aren’t out of the woods yet, and the next 24 hours will be huge whether the Steelers and Ravens will play on Tuesday night, or if the game will be cancelled or delayed. With that said, be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the black and gold.