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The Ravens are set to return to practice tonight despite facility closure

John Harbaugh originally shut down the Ravens practice facility until Tuesday, yet the club will run a conditioning practice tonight

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

One of the factors that led the NFL into delaying the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 12 clash with the Baltimore Ravens until Tuesday was the Ravens facility being closed until Monday. Facility closures have been used this year to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and give cleaning staff the time to deep clean the building. We’ve seen this practice time and time again in the 2020 season, but we have never seen a team go back to the facility early of its closure time.

Time to put on my tinfoil hat.

Sunday at noon, with the Ravens still firmly in Maryland and no chance of setting up a national telecast before the end of the day, the Ravens announced they would conduct a conditioning practice at their facility Sunday night.

This seems fishy to me. The NFL is holding firm on this game being played Tuesday evening, coupled with the belief of the Ravens outbreak being contained. The Ravens decided its healthy players can hit the field earlier than anticipated.

For those conspiracy theorists out there, it sure seems like John Harbaugh shut down the Ravens facility as a tactic to delay this game. After the NFL moved it to Tuesday but held firm that it would be played this week (and not delayed until Week 18) Harbaugh waited until it was too late for the Ravens to actually play a Sunday game (in hopes of avoiding punishment) to re-open the facility and get in some last minute game planning.

The reason for the Ravens wanting a Week 18 are large. For starters, they give themselves a better chance of knocking off the Steelers, plus the NFL would possibly have to activate an eighth playoff team giving the Ravens a better shot at making the post season.

Perhaps I am just going crazy. Perhaps the Ravens are reaching Patriots level of advantage tactics. The fact of the matter is the Ravens will be back in their facility a day earlier then expected.

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