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A win against Cincinnati puts the Steelers back on track

A matchup with the free falling Bengals couldn't have come soon enough

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

You would think the Pittsburgh Steelers are currently a 2-11 team the way most people talk about them these days. And yes the club has looked out of sync in the month of December and has lost its last two matchups. But taking down a seriously undermanned Bengals team on Monday night might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

To put it simply, If the Steelers can't take care of business against the Bengals they don't deserve the AFC North.

This game against the Bengals couldn't have happened at a better time this season. With the Steelers seemingly in free fall mode, the Bengals have already hit rock bottom. Down to their third string quarterback and with injury concerns up and down the roster, the Bengals are likely to lose every game the rest of the way. If the Steelers can put their foot on the throats of these Bengals they will be right back into Super Bowl contender status.

Lets look at a couple quick facts surrounding the Steelers if they are victorious against the Bengals:

  1. They end the losing skid
  2. They win the AFC North
  3. They regain confidence

I think this team regaining its confidence is the most important thing for them to do in the final three games. If receivers beehive they're going to drouth ball, or lineman expecting to get push off the line of scrimmage how could you expect them to win again. A game like this one is perfect for pass catchers like Diontae Johnson and Eric Ebron to get back on track, or to even re-establish a running game. With these lesser opponents the Steelers must not over look them but they should use these games to get their struggling players more focused on football.

Victory also allows the Steelers to get creative with how they want to finish the regular season. Making either game against the Colts or the Browns a non-must win situation. But most importantly a win would remove the Steelers from out of the national media’s microscopes and let the players relax.

But what do you think? Does knocking off the Cincinnati Bengals put the Steelers right back to pushing for its seventh Lombardi trophy? Let us know down in the comments below.