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A Letter From the Editors: Wishing our BTSC family a very merry Christmas

On this Christmas holiday, we wanted to say thank you to all our loyal readers of BTSC.

NFL: DEC 08 Steelers at Cardinals Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On this Christmas day, I, Jeff, wanted to take a moment to wish all of our loyal BTSC fans and readers a Happy Holidays.

This 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers season has been as crazy as the 2020 calendar year. The 11-0 star was exhilarating, and the 3 game skid the team is currently on has been excruciating and painful.

Nonetheless, I find it wonderful how there are always the loyal group of individuals who visit the site multiple times who aren’t deterred by a few lousy games. The die hard fans who never even consider jumping off the bandwagon. The fans who listen to our podcasts, even if things aren’t going the way they’d hope.

It is this group of people who keep me going every day. There are days when sitting in front of a computer and editing, writing, podcasting and scheduling content is the last thing I want to do. However, I think about the fans who come to our site to make sure they get the latest, and greatest, news on the black and gold.

This passion has become a job, but it is the people here who help keep it a passion and not a time-sucking activity. On this Christmas day, know I am thankful to you, the reader, who supports us every day, through thick and thin.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and have a blessed new year!

Now for the Steelers to get their acts together and start playing the way we all know they can!

I, Dave, would just like to say how truly blessed I am to get to do this job with this amazing team at BTSC. Of course, none of that would matter one bit if it wasn’t for the fantastic community we have both on the website and with the podcasts. Not only do I get to write, talk, and think about the Steelers 24/7 for “work” (which can be difficult at times when the Steelers are losing to a completely inferior team on Monday Night Football and you just want to go to bed and not have to deal with it anymore), I get to spend time with so many people as a part of this community because of our mutual love for the greatest franchise in all of professional sports.

It doesn’t matter our backgrounds or what stage we are in our lives, we are united under a black and gold banner. So for all of my Steelers family out there, I hope you all are having a merry Christmas, happy holidays, or enjoying life celebrating in whatever form you choose.