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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: Boxing Day

No, it’s not time for us to air our grievances...

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
Just what ya’ll need... more Canadian influence!
Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

So, today is known as Boxing Day in Canada and in many other countries that have a British influence in their history. Boxing day’s history is rooted in a day off work after Christmas for those that had to serve their bosses.

Essentially, the lords of the manor gave “boxes” filled with gifts, money and Christmas leftovers to their employees as a thank you for their service over the year. Alternatively, some believe that the name comes from the distribution, to the needy, of the proceeds from church collection boxes on December 26. Read more about it HERE.

In normal (non-COVID) times, this day has become similar to American Black Friday. Starting the 26th, but lasting all week, Canadians rush to retailers to scoop up big deals on a variety of items waiting in lines that started hours before the store opened.

So, in keeping with this idea, let us hope that Mr. Chase Claypool can find a reason to celebrate again tomorrow!

  1. What exactly is the problem with the offense? Is it that Randy Fichtner is out of his league? Is it that Ben Roethlisberger has passed his best before date? The Offensive Line? Sub-standard running backs? Something else??
  2. Just read that the Colts are now set to be without both starting tackles tomorrow. Who has more sacks, T.J. Watt or the rest of the team?
  3. Let’s assume Roethlisberger returns to form for the balance of the season and playoffs, but the Steelers lose in the AFC Championship game. Does the team HAVE to draft a QB in the first round? Do they ONLY if one of the 2nd tier guys ‘falls’ into their lap at 28? Is the fact that the Super Bowl window will only be open one more year more important, and thus causes the team to draft for need?
  4. We all have some time off work here in the canuck household which will certainly mean at least one day of a movie marathon. What post-Christmas traditions do you have?
  5. What will be on your New Year’s Eve menu?