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Steelers players approaching statistical milestones in Week 17

Be it career or season milestones a lot of Steelers players have a shot at history against the Browns —If they even play

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers don't have much left to play for during the 2020 regular season. Aside from being the second or third seed in the AFC, which in a COVID-19 world means virtually nothing. But, some players are approaching some statistical bests and milestones. While I anticipate most of these guys won't actually achieve these goals, due to the Steelers resting players in Week 17. Some of these career stats will have to wait form 2021, but it might still be possible that some of these guys will get a shot on Sunday.

Ben Roethlisberger

Career: 4 touchdown passes from 400
Season: 1 touchdown pass from career high (34), 196 passing yards from 4,000, 1 competition from 400

Likelihood: Ben Roethlisberger is not playing in this game, so it won’t be happening. Getting his arthritic knees back to as close to 100% as possible is more important than statistics anyways.

T.J. Watt

Career: .5 sacks from 50 in career
Season: 1 sack from tying James Harrison’s sack in a Steelers season record (16)

Likelihood: Another player I don’t think will play. Much like Big Ben, if Watt plays I think he would break all of the above achievements.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Season: 9 receptions from 100 on the year

Likelihood: This will be tough, Smith-Schuster will likely dress, but probably only play in a backup roll. If he isn't playing every offensive snap he's not catching 9 passes. Throw in Mason Rudolph will be throwing him passes, and this changes dramatically.

Chase Claypool

Season: 1 touchdown from all time Steelers rookie season touchdowns record (11)

Likelihood: Likely. I would expect Claypool to be the number one target for Mason Rudolph on Sunday. If Rudolph can get a deep ball on target to Claypool he will get into the end zone against the Browns.

Diontae Johnson

Season: 15 Receptions from 100, 172 receiving yards from 1,000

Likelihood: Doubtful. If the Steelers needed to win this game I think their might've been a chance. Diontae will play, as he works through his drops problem, but he won't be the featured option.

Cameron Heyward

Career: 1 sack from tying Keith Willis for fourth all-time on the Steelers career sack leader list, 2 sacks from tying Joey Porter for third all-time on the Steelers career sack leader list, 2 sacks away from 60 in his career

Likelihood: These records will have to wait until 2021. I don’t think Heyward plays in this game, the Steelers need him for the playoffs and he will rest.

Minkah Fitzpatrick

Season: 6 tackles away from tying career high, 1 interception away from tying career high

Likelihood: Another player I'm fairly certain won't play in this game. Minkah loves intercepting Baker Mayfield so he might just tie his personal if he does play. I just don’t think he plays.

Avery Williamson

Career: 1 tackle away from 600
Season: 17 tackles away from tying career high (120)

Likelihood: Avery Williamson is a tackling machine and the Cleveland Browns are not good at passing the football. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt will see a ton of touches in this game. While 17 tackles is kind of ridiculous it isn't outside the realm of possibility. Especially considering Williamson had 14 against the Colts.

Joe Haden

Career: 1 interception away from 30, 23 tackles away from 600

Likelihood: Joe Haden also shouldn't play in this game. And yes, 23 tackles would be insane for a corner and virtually impossible. But I wanted to highlight how close he is to 600 tackles. Considering who is the Browns quarterback, I wouldn't be surprised if Haden got another pick against his former team.

Tyson Alualu

Career: 4 tackles away from 400, .5 sacks away from 25

Likelihood: For a nose tackle, a four tackle game would probably be flirting with your season high total. Alualu has had a number of four and even five tackle games, but it will be close whether or not he his 400. A half sack isn't an unreasonable ask but considering Alualu only has two sacks on the year it is far from likely.

Mike Hilton

Career: .5 sacks away from 10

Likelihood: I’ll tell you what, if Hilton plays in this game I think he will get to Baker Mayfield. Entering his final regular season game on his contract, it could potentially be the last sack Hilton has as a member of the black and gold.

What do you think? Which one of these achievements are most likely to be reached? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.