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Saturday Night Open Thread - Ben, Benny and Bells?

Here we go with another Saturday in lockdown so let’s talk Steelers and such

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
Who doesn’t love them some Benny Snell Football?
Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

11 and 0!

While it is great to be undefeated in December it means very little to this team. The only thing they are really interested in is going undefeated in January and February (hopefully going undefeated in March is not necessary).

  1. We have 11 games with ‘new’ Ben. Short quick passes to the sidelines are the norm. He does not throw much in the middle of the field. How confident are you in his ability to drive this team down the field in the last 2 minutes of a cold January game with us down by 4?
  2. That being said, which would you have more confidence in, the D protecting a 4 point lead with less than 2 to go or Ben and the O down by 4? Ball is placed at the offense’s 16 yard line. Tell us why please.
  3. Wednesday gave us another dose of Benny Snell football. Did you see enough to comment on his impact on the future of James Connor in Pittsburgh next year?
  4. So with the Christmas count down officially on, we have 20 days before the big day... is your house / yard / office decorated yet? (Ha! you thought I was going to ask if you started your shopping yet, didn’t you??) Either way, what is your favorite decoration and why. If you are a Scrooge, what is your least favorite and most definitely we want to know why.
  5. While most of us won’t be attending Christmas parties this year. What is your guaranteed crowd pleaser dish that the Christmas partiers love?