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Steelers vs. Washington, Week 13: 2nd quarter in-game update

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back, and we keep you up to date with those who aren’t able to watch the game live.

Washington Football Team v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

1st Quarter In-Game Update

The Steelers’ best offensive possession waited until the second quarter, when Roethlisberger and company started to finally get into a groove as an offense. Ben Roethlisberger his Eric Ebron for consecutive conversions, and a key throw and catch by Chase Claypool gave the Steelers a first and goal situation.

The next play Roethlisberger threw a bullet to Diontae Johnson for the first score of the game.

Newly signed kicker, Matthew Wright, nailed the extra point, making the score 7-0 with 10:33 left in the second quarter.

Washington’s next drive saw them facing a 4th and 1 on their side of the 50 yard line, and a great play by Mike Hilton equated in a turnover on downs. Roethlisberger took little time getting the ball back into the red-zone, but it was there where the offense would struggle. Facing a first and goal situation, and even after a personal foul gave the Steelers a new set of downs, the team failed to convert on four straight tries.

Alex Smith and the Washington offense took over at the one foot line, but they wouldn’t come close to getting a first down before having to punt the ball away. On the next play from scrimmage, Roethlisberger threw a comeback route to James Washington, who made a defender miss and was off to the races for the touchdown.

Matthew Writer was good, again, making the score 14-0 with 3:54 left in the first half.

The ensuing Washington drive moved into Pittsburgh territory, but on a 3rd and 7 a deep pass down the right sideline fell incomplete, giving the ball back to Roethlisberger and company. With 1:54 left on the clock, the Steelers couldn’t even muster a first down and when they gave Washington a chance to put points on the scoreboard. Getting into field goal range, a botched clock situation gave Washington a chance to make a field goal and make the score 14-3 at halftime.