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Now that the Steelers got that loss out of the way, time to get down to business

Some wanted the Steelers to lose a game to avoid the pressure of staying perfect. Well, you got your wish, now time for the team to really get down to business.

Washington Football Team v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

I know, I know. It’s not that the Pittsburgh Steelers lost, it’s how they lost. It’s that the Steelers lost after leading by 14. It’s the fact they were 78-1-1 winning at home with a lead of 14 points or better. It’s the fact they lost to a team they should beat! For crying out loud, they lost to a team without a name!

You probably can’t imagine the gravity of being in a close NFL game, late in the season with a possible undefeated season hanging in the balance.

The Steelers know it oh so well. They’ve lived this reality the past quarter of the season or so. No team has gone 16-0 and won a Super Bowl. Ever! And now, the 2020 Steelers are not the team to make history and accomplish this feat.

However, now is when the Steelers can actually exhale. Look, this is not a time for finger pointing, second guessing, and/or complaining about the officials. This is not the time to complain about the COVID-19, or some crazy NFL rescheduling. This deep into 2020, the Steelers, and their global fan base, can not do this.

We must not do this.

This is not the time for making excuses.

This is, however, a time for introspection. Why can’t the Steelers run the ball up the gut on third and one? On fourth and one? Why does the offense consistently pass on both short yardage situations? Everyone knows the team’s tendencies, and the offense consistently puts more and more of it on tape for every other opponent to dissect and game plan against.

Where is the Steelers bravado? Where is the innovative play-calling?

Why are Randy Fichtner and/or Ben Roethlisberger throwing the ball 50 times in a game that Pittsburgh didn’t trail until the final, fleeting minutes?

These are aspects of the team that require the Steelers organization’s immediate attention. These are the issues that must be resolved in short order.

Plain and simple, the Steelers need to get their swagger back!!! Getting back to having the ability to close games out. Re-gaining a killer instinct, a finishing move.

Where’s the Steelers’ sleeper hold? Where’s that Figure-Four-Leg-Lock the Cobra Clutch? Where is that incredible suplex off the top ropes to close the deal?

The Steelers need this, and fast.

Finding a way to close the curtain on opponents wasn’t always a problem for the Steelers, but finding that finishing move is a necessity. With only four games remaining, the Steelers need to finish off this special season.

After all, the Steelers are the “Men of Steel” right?

In Pittsburgh of all places, it cant be too hard to find our mettle, but they better find it soon...time is running out for typical regular season fixes.