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Pittsburgh Steelers Fact or Fiction: Another Steeler-less Super Bowl Edition

BTSC takes five bold statements surrounding the current state of the team and labels them as Fact or Fiction.

Kansas City Chiefs v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

It sucks not being able to watch the Steelers in the Super Bowl again this season. Oh yeah, that’s a definite fact. However, the Steelers brass is working right now to try and get back to the big one so Steeler Nation could spend their hard-earned wages on Super Bowl memorabilia once again. A lot would have to happen though. BTSC takes some bold statements on this and more and labels them as fact or fiction. Are they on point? Only time will tell.

The Steelers will have five preseason contests in 2020


Pittsburgh last played in this contest in 2015 against the Miinnesota Vikings when Jerome Bettis was enshrined. With Bill Cowher, Donnie Shell and Troy Polamalu all getting gold jackets and bronze busts, the NFL will want to capitalize on the greatest fan base in football gathering in Canton for this contest. Art II thinks it is gonna happen. So, I’d put money on it.

Without a first-round choice in 2020, the Steelers will be big players in free agency


With Minkah Fitzpatrick already penciled in as the 18th overall pick and top 2020 selection of the Steelers, it would seem logical that the Steelers would be wanting to bring in a top-flight player in as a free agent to help the pass rush, replenish the offensive line or added firepower to the offense. However, the Steelers are in cap-peril once again and the expiring CBA won’t allow them to extend deals to clear space like they typically do. Sure it’s needed this season more than ever, but it might not be possible.

There is likely going to be turnover on the coaching staff


While I think there should be, I need to face the fact that my opinion doesn’t matter one iota. Randy Fichtner’s longevity hinges on that of Ben Roethlisberger’s. In fact, should Ben return and flourish...Randyland may be open for business even longer. He’s a protected man right now. Keith Butler’s spot was saved when Minkah Fitzpatrick solidified his fledgling unit. As for ST Coach Danny Smith Jr., he obviously has dirt or nude photos on somebody ranking high in Pittsburgh.

Mike Tomlin will surpass Bill Cowher on the Steelers all-time wins list in 2021


I could be wrong on this, but I don’t foresee the Steelers plummeting to earth with two losing seasons in the next two years. Coach T needs 17 wins to overtake the Hall of Famer. With as paltry as a 9-7 and an 8-8, he vaults into second place. Tomlin could tie it with a season of 16-0, but that’s as likely as Bubby Brister being enshrined in Canton.

B.J. Finney is set to make big money this offseason and it needs to be in Pittsburgh


The Steelers are getting long in the tooth on the offensive line and the versatile Finney could be the free agent of their own that the Steelers choose to keep, even over Javon Hargrave and Bud Dupree. Veteran Ramon Foster is likely not in the plans and the Steelers need stability in his Left Guard spot. No. 67 has shown enough in his tenure that he could ably fill the vacancy.

Are these statements valid? We will soon see. What matters most is your opinions on the matter. Please state them in the comments below.