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If you take one player off any other team, and put them on the Steelers, who would it be?

Who would you dream to see play for the Black and Gold?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets
Could you imagine a safety duo of Minkah Fitzpatrick and Jamal Adams?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Could you imagine the dominance a defensive front featuring Nick Bosa and T.J. Watt could achieve? Or what about about Jamal Adams roaming the defensive backfield with Minkah Fitzpatrick? Well we'd probably have a better chance winning the lottery...twice.

We all share a common love of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I'm sure most of us will watch a game and think to ourselves “I wish (Insert name here) played for us”.

Now it would be easy to slap Patrick Mahomes name in the comments and go on with your day. But what if we focused on every position outside of QB. And that player doesn't even have to be a superstar, just your favorite player you'd like to see play for the Steelers.

I’ll give you two names. New York Jets safety, Jamal Adams and how about an obscure pick in 49ers fullback, Kyle Juszczyk.

The thought of Jamal Adams and Minkah Fitzpatrick terrorizing wide-outs and the week of prep they'd present for opposing Quarterbacks would be a dream come true. It’s like imagining a new-era Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed playing for the same team. Could you imagine how many turnovers they'd force?!

It doesn't help that the Jets were rumored to be shopping the All-Pro safety or that when CBS sports played a game with Adams that generated who someone’s ‘True NFL team is’. and Adams landed on the Steelers he remarked “Ooh, that's not bad” and smirked in the image below...

Adams reacted positively when told his true team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Screen shot: TikTok/CBSSports

...Yeah, I’m a dreamer.

And secondly I’d love to see Kyle Juszczyk line up in Pittsburgh because of how much of a threat he is coming out of the backfield. Seemingly he’s good for at least one 40 yard reception, on a wheel route, every game! He’s a great lead blocker and is A FULLBACK THAT CAN RUN THE ENTIRE ROUTE TREE!!

So who's your favorite non-Steeler? who's one guy that you’d love come play in Pittsburgh? Let us know in the comments!