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Several offseason moves make it too early for mock drafts or targeting certain players

The Pittsburgh Steelers have some key decisions to make this offseason before people start talking about drafting certain players.

NFL: APR 25 2019 NFL Draft Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Draft all offense. Draft all defense. Draft a mix. Draft best available. Draft for needs.

Slow down a bit here, Steeler Nation. When people throw out specific names of players the Pittsburgh Steelers should draft in the second round, let alone in the seventh round, it baffles me. The NFL Draft is over 2 months away. The NFL Scouting Combine has not even taken place. The Steelers have not even signed their free agents. The biggest name of those free agents is OLB Bud Dupree. The Steelers are weeks away from when they will sign their first free agent from another team, but people want to focus on what positions we will draft?

Steelers Nation needs to take a breather from going hog wild on who they want, let alone the position that they want for the reasons listed below.

Scenarios that will throw people’s mock drafts into turmoil.

  1. Dupree is the linchpin to the whole offseason scenario. Do the Steelers sign him for $10 million plus per season on a long-term deal, franchise tag him for over $16 million or let him walk? Nothing dictates how the offseason goes more than what general manager Kevin Colbert does with him.
  2. How does the team fill the nose tackle position after Javon Hargrave? Fan favorite punching bag, Daniel McCullers carries a large cap number for his past productivity ($1.5 million) but is he seen as an actual starter in 2020?
  3. The Steelers offensive line was trash opening up holes against the rush but struggled to keep the team’s young quarterbacks clean and upright in a clean pocket.
  4. There will be cap casualties, but who will they be? This all depends on how the Steelers deal with Dupree. How do the Steelers fill those holes? Will there be serious holes or not, come draft weekend?
  5. Will any previously unknown medical red flags plummet a rookie’s stock or get injured during the combine?
  6. Will a Steeler fan favorite implode or explode during the combine that will greatly affect his stock?
  7. Dak Prescott and Laremy Tunsil both hurt their draft stock with boneheaded mistakes off the field between the combine and the draft. Will there be players such as them who cost themselves millions?

It is understandable for people to be churning out mock drafts or putting their own personal mock drafts in their signatures. It is fun playing GM in the offseason and the draft is the best part for some. Looking at players who could be the missing cog for a Super Bowl run makes many salivate. Being excited about a player who may fall during the draft for whatever reason and ends up being a mega steal later in the draft. Just keep in mind that in the next two-plus months this process will be fluid, so don’t set your hopes and expectations too high. That tumble down the backside of the hill is long. For me, I will take this offseason more like a turtle than a hare.