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Report: The NFLPA temporarily delays the vote by the player representatives on the new CBA

After a long day of talks, the player reps need more time in order to vote on the owner’s proposal

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According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, The NFL Players Association representatives will not vote on the proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement on Friday.

The NFLPA issued a statement regarding the non-vote. It appears they plan on voting next week after meeting with the NFL.

Rather than meet in person in Washington D.C. as scheduled, the player representatives from all 32 teams were conducting business via conference call on Friday. With some players voicing opposition to the proposed deal, apparently the discussion has carried on to a degree where voting will be delayed.

If two-thirds of the representatives vote to move forward with this CBA, the next step is for it to be presented to the players. If the players pass the CBA with a majority, it would be implemented for the 2020 season. Should either the player reps or a league-wide vote result in rejecting the owners proposal, it has been reported the current CBA will be used to play out the 2020 season according to the owners.

With the NFL combine and the beginning of the period for designating the franchise and transition tags starting next week, teams need to know the rules in which they are operating for the 2020 season. If a team is attempting to get under the salary cap in order to use the franchise tag on a player, it would be beneficial to know if the usual restructure format would be possible or if players must be released in order to stay cap compliant .

The biggest benefit for the Steelers if a new CBA is reached will be the greater freedom to restructure and extend players before the 2020 season. Teams who are up against the salary cap will be the most hard-pressed to conduct business under the final year of the current CBA.

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