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NFL Draft Rumors: Steelers meet with two prospects at the NFL Scouting Combine

The Pittsburgh Steelers have reportedly met with two offensive players at the Scouting Combine.

TCU v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Some names starting to surface from the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine that have been attached to the Pittsburgh Steelers in regards to the combine meetings. The first two names are both on the offensive side of the ball, and are both of the skill position variety.

Jalen Reagor, the Texas Christian Wide receiver, has been mentioned in the Behind The Steel Curtain draft circle as a possible prospect. There has been a talk of needing speed in the offense, and Reagor has plenty to offer. The part of his game I like is his ability to go up and get the ball. His draft stock bounces from late Round 1 to early 3rd, depending on the site you follow.

Here is some more information on Reagor, from the Draft Network:

Best Trait - Vertical Receiving

Worst Trait - Drops

Best Film - WVU (2018)

Worst Film - Oklahoma (2019)

Red Flags - None

Summary - Jalen Reagor is one of the most dynamic receiving prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft. Reagor’s skill set fits best when projecting forward into a vertical passing offense as a Z-receiver, where he can defeat press coverage, attack down the field and force defenses to respect his speed or pay the consequences. Reagor brings explosive burst and simultaneous control on his stems to carry himself for separation — he’s got upside to work inside as a slot receiver as well. NFL starter.

The other prospect was Albert Okwuegbunam, who is a big bodied Tight End from Missouri who made his living catching seam routes and crosses in the middle of the field. Has good hands and decent body control. Despite the size, he isn’t the most polished blocker, used primarily as a flex option.

Here is some more information on Okwuegbunam, from the Draft Network:

Pros: He shows good overall athleticism and versatility for the position. In the run game he is good due to his willingness to come off the ball and strike. He demonstrates good technique as an inline blocker and keeps his hands inside. In the passing game he has aligned inline, at “H”, and even flexed out as an “F”. He shows good speed when running seams and other deep routes in the passing game. He demonstrates good toughness to catch the football when contact is imminent. He demonstrates good tracking ability when the ball is in the air. He also displays good, natural hands and rarely allows the ball into his frame.

Cons: He has missed some significant time due to injury. He’s not a great route runner in the short to intermediate area. Lacks suddenness in his release off the line of scrimmage, even for a TE. He could have trouble uncovering underneath in the NFL. Needs to improve dropping his weight and getting out of his breaks. He is often in ill advised positions when he is run blocking due to his footwork and ultimately his body position.

On a side note, the only other interview/meeting reported was at the Shrine Bowl and that was with Princeton quarterback Kevin Davidson.

Stay tuned to BTSC for updates on potential prospect meetings at the NFL Scouting Combine, as well as all other news surrounding the Steelers heading into the 2020 regular season.

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