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With the 2019 season now concluded, the Steelers are 19/1 odds to win Super Bowl LV

Following two seasons of missing the postseason, the Steelers are tied for the 6th-best odds to hoist the Lombardi trophy after the 2020 season

Pittsburgh Steelers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Rob Leiter via Getty Images

The 2019 NFL season has now officially concluded and the race for the 2020 season has now begun for every NFL franchise. At the conclusion of Super Bowl LIV, many odds-makers were quick to release the odds for Super Bowl LV. While several betting sites have the odds slightly different, most of them have the teams ranked in a similar order. Here are the early 2020 NFL odds for all 32 team from the odds-makers at


1. Chiefs: 7/1
2. Ravens: 8/1
3. 49ers: 10/1
4. Saints:10/1
5. Patriots: 15/1
6. Seahawks: 19/1
7. Steelers: 19/1
8. Vikings: 22/1
9. Cowboys: 22/1
10. Eagles: 24/1
11. Packers: 24/1
12. Rams: 24/1
13. Titans: 30/1
14. Bills: 32/1
15. Texans: 32/1
16. Bears: 40/1
17. Colts: 42/1
18. Falcons: 45/1
19. Buccaneers; 46/1
20. Chargers: 48/1
21. Jets: 50/1
22. Browns: 52/1
23. Raiders: 70/1
24. Broncos: 75/1
25. Panthers: 80/1
26. Cardinals: 90/1
27. Giants: 95/1
28. Dolphins: 100/1
29. Lions: 100/1
30. Bengals: 125/1
31. Jaguars: 150/1
32. Redskins: 150/1

Although this particular site has the Steelers a 19/1, I have seen others with better odds ah much as 15/1. In looking at these odds, there are several interesting conclusions which can be drawn.

The Steelers have the best odds of any team who did not make the 2019 postseason

The only other franchise in the top 10 who did not make the postseason in 2019 is the Dallas Cowboys. The Steelers are highly regarded by the odds-makers at this point due to the emergence of their dominating defense which almost carried them to a playoff berth in 2019. With less-than-acceptable quarterback play throughout 2019, the expected return of Ben Roethlisberger coupled with the Steelers defense has many odds-makers believing the Steelers will be much more competitive in 2020

The Steelers have better odds than half of the 2019 postseason teams

What is also interesting is the Steelers have better odds of winning Super Bowl LV than half the teams who made the postseason in 2019. With the Steelers and Seahawks having the same 19/1 odds, the Steelers rank higher than the Vikings, Eagles, Packers, Titans, Bills, and Texans.

Only four AFC teams are in the top 12

While the AFC holds the top two spots with the best odds to win next year’s Super Bowl, they also have four of the top six. Following the Steelers and Seahawks are a string of NFC teams, two of which did not make the postseason in 2019. If one were to read between the lines, it appears the AFC is a much more top-heavy conference than the NFC who is deemed to be more wide-open.

While it is interesting to see the odds for next year Super Bowl, they will definitely be changing over the next several months as teams participate in the free agency. As well as the NFL draft. The Steelers are also one of the teams towards the top of the list who still have a question marks going into the next season, particularly at the quarterback position.

Last off-season, I placed a very small wager on the Steelers to win the Super Bowl with the odds at 20/1. After everything the Steelers went through this past season, I find it encouraging that the odds are better for them to win the Super Bowl in 2020.