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Steelers sign long snapper Kameron Canaday to a two-year deal

A restricted free agent for the 2020 offseason, Canaday is back with the Steelers.

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

What is it with the Pittsburgh Steelers and making news when it comes to a long snapper? In a flashback of 2017 when the Steelers drafted Colin Holba in the sixth round of the NFL draft, the Steelers are made news for the first team in free agency to sign a long snapper. This time, it’s retaining the same player who beat out Holba for the position in 2017 in Kameron Canaday.

Set to be a restricted free agent this offseason, Canaday was not a likely candidate for the Steelers to offer a tender as the price would be too high. While the financials of this deal are not known at this time, it’s hard to believe the Steelers would be paying much more than the veteran minimum for the position.

So how does the signing of Canaday affect the Steelers salary cap? Basically not at all if it is for a league minimum deal. With the current salary cap structure being where the top 51 salaries count towards the number, Canaday just replaced one player whose 2020 salary was $610,000. Whatever amount Canaday will add towards the current salary cap situation will be however much more he is making than this amount. While it will be something to consider, there are probably more unknown values at this time which are much higher such as the exact dollar amount of Ben Roethlisberger’s restructure.

While it is not the splash move many were hoping the Steelers would make, it is one less position the Steelers have to worry about filling for the 2020 season. Although it was the first of the Steelers free agents deals, with the reported signing of fullback Derek Watt it is showing the Steelers are doing their due diligence in shaping their 2020 roster.

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