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Report: Steelers restructure center Maurkice Pouncey‘s contract

It is the sixth restructure the Steelers have done over the last several days in order to save money under the salary cap

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets

The Pittsburgh Steelers are continuing to maneuver around the NFL salary cap as they have restructured yet another contract to start the 2020 league year. This time, according to ESPN’s Brooke Pryor, the Steelers have restructured Maurkice Pouncey’s contract.

Pouncey is the second-longest tenured Pittsburgh Steelers player now that Ramon Foster has retired. Of course, only Ben Roethlisberger has been on the Steelers longer than Pouncey.

With a previous salary cap number of $11 million, Pouncey is able to save the Steelers a little under $3.5 million towards 2020 if his both his base salary and roster bonus is converted into a signing bonus.

While the Steelers current salary cap number is not exactly known since many of the restructures have not been released, the Steelers are estimated to be somewhere between $7 million and $10 million under the salary cap.

Finding more money for the Steelers by restructuring Pouncey‘s deal, the Steelers appear to not be finished when it comes to signing players. Whether it be someone who was on the Steelers roster for 2019 or an outside unrestricted free agent is yet to be seen. For the Steelers to restructure Pouncey with no real pressing need, the only other speculation could be the Steelers did not restructure the maximum amount on Ben Roethlisberger’s contract.

Until the numbers of all these various free structures are released, it is unclear exactly how much room the Steelers have under the salary cap. For the most part, Steelers fans need to trust in the front office that they are moving money around in order to make the 2020 Steelers as competitive as possible.

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