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Get your Steelers fix with Free NFL Game Pass

The NFL is offering free subscriptions through the end of May

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

It is a very trying time in our society. While many people are trying to keep as much of a sense of normalcy in their lives, there’s too much which reminds us of our current situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. With all sports currently suspended, the NFL is doing their part to help sports fans get through the situation. While many people are accustomed to watching some sort of sporting event on a Sunday afternoon, they can now watch their favorite NFL games all day. Through the end of May, the NFL is offering complementary access to NFL Game Pass.

For those not familiar with what there is to offer from NFL Game Pass, the most obvious item is replays of every NFL game from this past season. In fact, it is not just 2019 as the access allows you to watch games all the way back through 2009. But it is not just game replays which are available. Subscribers can also view a condensed version of the game which runs about 45 minutes as well as the “All -22” angle which is used by coaches to break down film. And, in my best infomercial voice: But wait... there’s more! There is also access to the NFL film archive which has shows such as Hard Knocks and A Football Life as well as the NFL’s The Top 100.

If you are unsure if you were able to view NFL Game Pass, it is available through Google Play, the Apple App Store, and Microsoft. It is also accessable through streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Xbox One, PS4, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, as well as Google Chromecast. As you can see, almost any way a person gains access to the Internet can give them the capability to stream NFL Game Pass.

If you have not already activated your complementary access to NFL Game Pass, you can do so simply by clicking HERE.

Hopefully some great Steelers’ replays can get you through the coming weeks. If you need any suggestion of where to get started, one of my personal favorites is always Week 16 of 2016 when the Steelers hosted the Baltimore Ravens on Christmas Day. If you have any other suggestions for games people should watch, please leave them in the comments below to help all of BTSC build their watch list.