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The Steelers are near the bottom of the barrel in terms of remaining Salary Cap space

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made several moves in Free Agency, and they don’t have a ton of salary cap space left to make any more acquisitions.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers were near the bottom of the NFL prior to the start of the new league year as it pertains to salary cap space heading into the unknown without a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Just a few days later the NFL and NFLPA signed a new CBA, the salary cap increased to $198.2 million dollars and the Steelers started doing what they do to create cap room to make moves.

Players were released and contracts were restructured, suddenly the Steelers had the space to sign Derek Watt, Eric Ebron, Stefen Wisniewski and take on Chris Wormley’s contract after the trade with the Baltimore Ravens.

With those four moves done, the question now remains whether the Steelers have enough salary cap space to make another move, and some just want to know how much cap space they have remaining just weeks away from the 2020 NFL Draft.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network lists the 10 teams with the least amount of cap space, as of March 23rd, and the Steelers find themselves on the list.

The Steelers’ $10.64 million quoted above had not factored in all of the signings including Ebron and Dangerfield as well as the Wormley trade. BTSC deputy editor Dave Schofield has the Steelers current salary cap at least $4 million to the good. This is just a speculation as the exact financials of Ebron’s deal have yet to be released, although we do know it’s a total of $12 million over two years.

This salary cap number isn’t as bad as many might have thought, but it isn’t money the team can just throw around at another free agent. The team needs to allocate money for their 2020 draft class, as well as to sign the practice squad players to contracts.

However, it doesn’t mean the Steelers couldn’t create more salary cap space if they felt it was necessary. Two players in particular, David DeCastro and Stephon Tuitt, could restructure their current contracts to turn the $4-5 million into around $8-10 million in cap space.

Enough to make another move if they felt it was one which could help the team get back to the promised land in 2020.

While the rest of the sports world has hit the stop, or pause, button, the NFL is moving full steam ahead towards the NFL Draft in April. Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the best, and up to date, news on the Steelers as they prepare for the offseason and the 2020 regular season.