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Like it or not, 17 regular-season games are coming to the NFL

If players are adamant about any CBA with 17 games, they’re not going to get their way

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Some people like the idea, but others do not. It seems the NFL’s current schedule make up is about as perfect as in can get. With 32 teams each playing 16 games, things just seem to work. The problem is, is the league maximizing their potential income with this number?

Obviously the answer is “no” as NFL owners are pushing for a 17-game season as early as the 2021 season. Whether or not the owners really want this number of games is anyone’s guess, but the money generated from each team playing another contest is just too much for the owners to pass up. Ultimately, the TV networks appear to want as much NFL football as they can get and are willing to pay handsomely for it.

As for players, those who have been vocal against the current Collective Bargaining Agreement have not specified what about which parts of the deal in which they are taking exception. Aaron Rodgers is the only player to really lay out anything as to why he does not want to agree to the deal. As for the Pouncey twins who have gone as far to say they are willing to throw extra money into a fund to help players get through a work stoppage, they despise the new CBA without mentioning at all what it is they don’t like about it. If it is the notion of playing a 17th game, they are ultimately fighting a battle they are not going to win.

How bad do NFL owners want a 17th game? Basically, it’s the only thing they’re really getting out of the new CBA. Yes, they are expanding the playoffs as well if the players agree to the deal, but getting more players extra money by playing a playoff game isn’t really much more advantage to the owners. Other than wanting the deal to be done this year, the 17-game schedule is basically what the owners are getting if all reports are true. As for the players, a list of things they are gaining has been highlighted several times but you could click HERE to see the list again.

If the players think that declining the current CBA proposal will keep the 17th game from happening, they are in for a very long fight. It will take a lengthy hold out after the 2020 season for the owners to even consider not going to 17 games. The most likely compromise the players could get would be changing the date when it is implemented, but this is coming regardless. What the NFLPA has realized is they can take advantage of the situation to get many things they want in this agreement. With it being the final chance for a new CBA to occur before the 2020 season, this is probably the best deal the players are ever going to see. The owners are not going to back down from 17 games, and if they have to wait until next year for the deal they have no incentive to give any more than they already are offering.

As a season ticket holder, I’m not thrilled about the idea of another game on the schedule. Maybe after time I’ll get used to it, but this is one that I would prefer that was just left alone. Unfortunately, the amount of money the networks are going to throw at the NFL to get another week of games is ultimately what is going to drive the number of games in the regular season.