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A Letter From the Editor: Moving forward as if the 2020 NFL season will take place as scheduled

In uncertain times, we plan to be there every step of the way, preparing for a 2020 season.

Heinz Field

These are crazy times.

No other way around it.

These crazy times have people around the globe searching for answers, hoping for the best possible outcome as it pertains to the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation. Usually, these types of situations are ones which don’t impact the sports world.

This pandemic has left everything shut down, and that includes the NFL. But even as the NFL plans to approach the 2020 NFL Draft as scheduled, being held virtually but still on schedule, many fans are wondering if the 2020 regular season will start on time.

Skepticism is warranted. No one truly knows just how long this virus will impact the way our society lives, not to mention how civilization will look once the quarantines have been lifted and life tries to regain some sense of normalcy again.

Will games be played in front of empty arenas/stadiums?

Will there even be games to discuss?

I, nor does anyone reading this, have the answers to these questions, but I wanted to make a very clear statement about us here at Behind the Steel Curtain and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ global fan base.

With so much of the future unknown, we here are going to press on as if the 2020 preseason/regular season will be going off as scheduled.

This decision isn’t intended to be insensitive to the thousands who have been impacted by this pandemic, but merely to know we have a job to do, and until Roger Goodell and the league office states the regular season has been altered in any way we plan on preparing for the season like we always have.

What does this mean?

There will be 2020 NFL Draft coverage.

There will be discussions about position battles for the upcoming season.

There will be schedule predictions.

There will be projections for the upcoming season.

What I hope to convey in this article is making the statement that even though we are sensitive to the current global situation, we are hoping to provide a reprieve to those out there reading our articles and taking in our content.

Maybe the time spent on BTSC, and listening to our podcasts, can be a way for you to get away from the craziness. A place for you to go and just get your mind off of everything surrounding the outside world.

It may sound simplistic, but that is our hope.

We will cover any issues pertaining to the virus, if it has an impact on the NFL, but please know our stance is one of optimism. We hope the Steelers season goes off as scheduled, and the general population is able to enjoy the games in some way, shape, or form. In the meantime, as I have received emails asking why we are even producing content on 2020 considering the current issues, understand why our content continues.

Stay safe and strong!