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Listening to the Watt brothers tell stories is something you don’t want to miss

Joining The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon for an episode of “Know Your Bro,” the three Watt brothers successfully answer questions regarding each other

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

During these difficult times of no live sports or other television events involving an audience, several channels and TV personalities have adjusted to still do their best to entertain America. Whether it be current and former NBA players competing in a game of HORSE or children’s author Moe Willams doing “Lunch Doodles” with kids, some people are going out of their way to still entertain others as we are all practicing isolation. One person in particular, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, has taken to doing “at home” shows which are shared on their YouTube channel.

In Fallon‘s latest episode, one of his guests was the Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt . Joining J.J. on the show from different locations where his two brothers who are now Steelers teammates. Both T.J. Watt and Derek Watt came onto the show in order to participate in a special game called “Know Your Bro.” For the segment, each brother had to take a turn in which they wore headphones so they could not hear the responses of their other two siblings as they were asked a question about an experience growing up. After the other two brothers concluded with an answer, the featured brother would remove his headphones and answer the question. If their answers aligned, they would receive one point.

SPOILER: The Watt brothers went three for three! Whether or not they were successful in the game was not the entertainment. What was truly entertaining was hearing the brothers share stories about the others in order to answer the questions.

Without giving the responses, I will at least lay out the questions from the episode. The questions progressed from youngest to oldest.

About T.J.: “What is the biggest problem the older Watt brothers ever had to help T.J. get out of?”

What we now know: T.J. Watt is allergic to tree nuts.

About Derek: “When were the other brothers the most jealous of Derek?”

What we now know: Derek was the best high school athlete of the three.

About J.J.: “Being the oldest, when did J.J. fail the hardest at babysitting?”

What we now know: It’s every man for himself in the Watt household.

Make sure you check out the segment with the Watt brothers as you should not be disappointed. It can be viewed below courtesy of The Tonight Show’s YouTube channel.