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2020 Behind The Steel Curtain/SB Nation Live Mock Draft: Rounds 3 through 5

The 2020 NFL Draft is right around the corner, and it is time for the annual LIVE mock draft to predict how things shake out!

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Welcome to the Behind The Steel Curtain/SB Nation Live Mock Draft!

First things first, thanks to those that have volunteered to be virtual General Managers and to those that have helped pull this whole thing together. We have about 27 to 28 teams who are represented by their fan bases. The remaining teams have members that are fans of other franchises, but are willing to draft in this wild three day event nonetheless.

The draft was moved here because of issues at the original site, but Joseph Yun was gracious enough to continue on as our Commissioner.

I also want thank Jeff Hartman, editor of BTSC, for allowing us to have this on the front page at BTSC. There are also a couple of BTSC members drafting for other teams, Goldenslumbr - Eagles and steelerfan11 - Chiefs, thanks for stepping in guys

The Particulars:

The draft is being held on April 17th thru the 19th, we are doing all seven rounds.

Friday - 7 p.m. ET Rounds 1 and 2

Saturday - 12 Noon ET Rounds 3-5

Sunday - 12 Noon ET Rounds 6 and 7

There are trades, consisting of 2020 Picks, 2021 Picks and player for pick trades. There is also a time clock set for each pick and it varies as the rounds move on.

1st Round – 5 minutes

2nd and 3rd Rounds – 3 minutes

4th and 5th Rounds – 2 minutes

6th and 7th Rounds – 1 minute

We also have a Trade Czar (Hurricane123 Jaguars GM) and a Draft Tracker (PotentOilDragon Seahawks GM but is a Titan fan) which will help keep up with the trades, changing the draft order as needed and adding the picks as they happen. There will be a separate Fan Post for the Draft Tracker, which will also double as a place to hash out some trade deals.

The GM List:

Cincinnati Bengals - QueenCityBoiler

Washington Redskins - KyleSmithforGM

Detroit Lions - stevew_66

NY Giants - BradyLockwood10

Miami Dolphins - Francesco Pergolini

LA Chargers - stephen619

Carolina Panthers - KeepPounding88

Arizona Cardinals - Daft One

Jacksonville Jaguars - Hurricane123

Cleveland Browns -MidniteMoses

NY Jets - GenoTime7

LV Raiders - AAraider

San Francisco 49ers - UnfrozenCavemanSpectator

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OneBucPerson

Denver Broncos - Jammy4041

Atlanta Falcons - Respect the A

Dallas Cowboys - shunharp (need email) ( ?)

Philadelphia Eagles - Goldenslumbr

Buffalo Bills - BillyKent

New England Patriots - Slot Machine player #2

New Orleans Saints - fitz164 (?)

Minnesota Vikings - marksp18

Seattle Seahawks - PotentOilDragon

Baltimore Ravens - JVice

Tennessee Titans - Joseph Yun

Green Bay Packers - scootinj

Kansas City Chiefs - steelerfan11

Pittsburgh Steelers - Pittsblitz56

Chicago Bears - tonybearfan503454

LA Rams - Danteslion

Indianapolis Colts - Clydesdales

Houston Texans - Kingofkingwood

2020 Behind The Steel Curtain/ SB Nation Live Mock Draft Tracker & Trade Thread II

Let’s do this, and Go Steelers!!