Live Mock Draft Round 5

Welcome to Round 5

The GM List

Cincinnati Bengals - QueenCityBoiler

Washington Redskins - KyleSmithforGM

Detroit Lions - stevew_66

NY Giants - BradyLockwood10

Miami Dolphins - Francesco Pergolini

LA Chargers - stephen619

Carolina Panthers - KeepPounding88

Arizona Cardinals - Daft One

Jacksonville Jaguars - Hurricane123

Cleveland Browns -MidniteMoses

NY Jets - GenoTime7

LV Raiders - AAraider

San Francisco 49ers - UnfrozenCavemanSpectator

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OneBucPerson

Denver Broncos - Jammy4041

Atlanta Falcons - Respect the A

Dallas Cowboys - shunharp (need email)

Philadelphia Eagles - Goldenslumbr

Buffalo Bills - BillyKent

New England Patriots - Slot Machine player #2

New Orleans Saints - fitz164

Minnesota Vikings - marksp18

Seattle Seahawks - PotentOilDragon

Baltimore Ravens - JVice

Tennessee Titans - Joseph Yun

Green Bay Packers - scootinj

Kansas City Chiefs - steelerfan11

Pittsburgh Steelers - Pittsblitz56

Chicago Bears - tonybearfan503454

LA Rams - Danteslion

Indianapolis Colts - Clydesdales

Houston Texans - Kingofkingwood

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