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Pittsburgh Steelers Fact or Fiction: Draft Night Drama Edition

BTSC takes five bold statements surrounding the current state of the team before the draft and labels them as Fact or Fiction.

Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The NFL Draft is finally upon us. Even though the Steelers do not have a top pick in this year’s talent-picking extravaganza, there are plenty of things that could happen. There are so many questions surrounding the Steelers and their draft strategy without a No. 1. With that offered up, BTSC tries to answer some of those poignant wonderings ahead of time. Take a gander at some bold statements on this and more as we label them as fact or fiction. Are we on point? Only time will tell.

A trade into the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft gives Steeler Nation a first rounder for the 53rd consecutive draft.


Sure it’s a possibility, but this is a very deep draft. I don’t think the Steelers would want to sacrifice any picks when they only have six. Last year, the move up was more necessary as they really coveted Devin Bush Jr. This year, they have the possibility of getting first-round talent at No. 49.

The Steelers are more likely to trade pick No. 49 for more draft capital.


The prospect of this is definitely more likely. However, Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin are less likely to get an impact pick if they trade away their first selection of the night. Had they possessed a first rounder, I could see them moving down. The Minnesota Vikings have been rumored to want to move into the top 50, but I can’t see the Steelers wanting to pick any later. However, if Jalen Hurts is still around and it’s not too far of a drop...they may be able to fleece a team that covets the quarterback.

A running back’s name is most likely to be submitted on the virtual card for the Steelers with their first selection of the draft.


I am definitely not a fan of the Steelers picking a certain position over the BPA (Best Player Available). It rarely works out. But in this case, they could have access to the best in class RB. After the recent Tomlin/Colbert presser, a rusher has indeed been hinted at and I think the position is gaining steam as a top contender. I have seen five RBs...Jonathan Taylor (Wisconsin), J.K. Dobbins (The Ohio State University), D’Andre Swift (University of Georgia), Cam Akers, (Florida State University) and Clyde Edwards-Helaire (Louisiana State University) mocked to the Steelers at different points. It depends on when the run starts, but one or more should be at the Steelers right of refusal. More like right of approval.

Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts becomes a Steeler.


Mel Kiper Jr. seems to think so, but I don’t think the team’s position priorities are the same as those of fans and media who desire a QB. While Hurts plays with an exciting style that is all the rage in the NFL, there are a lot of flaws to his game as well. Hurts may have been on the big board earlier in the process, I think he’s dropped a few rungs on the ladder of prospects.

The fabled “window” is ignored and the Steelers draft more for the future than the “win now” present.


With Ben Roethlisberger most likely only back for a limited engagement, the team’s moves in free agency reflected a “win now” mentality. The inclination is there for the team to do the same in the draft and select “plug and play guys” to have immediate impact. Now more than ever, that is a tough task with the quarantine and all. I see the Steelers going BPA with help on the o-line. But mostly, it could be a replacement for the probable-departing Bud Dupree. Even if they go RB, it could be a move for the future if James Conner remains healthy and available.

Are these statements valid? We will soon see. I, personally, am nor endorsing all five of these scenarios, but it’s what my gut tells me will occur. What matters most is your opinions on the matter. Please state them in the comments below.