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Chase Claypool can do much more than catch, the kid can block

The Pittsburgh Steelers got a big, fast and strong wide receiver in Chase Claypool out of Notre Dame.

Stanford v Notre Dame

The Pittsburgh Steelers, who didn’t have a Round 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, finally got to take a turn during the selection process, and they picked a big, strong and fast wide receiver out of Notre Dame named Chase Claypool.

When you read about Claypool, you see things like the following from his NFL Draft Profile:


  • Physical specimen with size and length to overwhelm
  • Strong competitive nature
  • Big and forceful against handsy coverage
  • Build-up speed can overtake unsuspecting coverage
  • Presents a sizable target with an expansive catch radius
  • Works back to the ball on all three levels
  • Contested catch specialist outside the numbers
  • Uses size to create late catch space
  • Elevates beyond cornerback’s reach at high point
  • Pancake maker with nasty demeanor as run blocker
  • Premium special teams cover talent

See the trait above which is bolded? Yeah, the kid isn’t just a finesse receiver who wants to run go-routes all day. No, he isn’t afraid to put his nose in the pile and make plays in the running game.

Yes, he likes to block.

Want some visual proof? See below for Exhibit A:

Fans were split on the Claypool selection. With J.K. Dobbins, from Ohio State, still on the board, fans saw a dynamic offensive running back coming to the black-and-gold. But what they got was a natural outside receiver who is capable of being a red-zone threat, deep threat to bring players out of the box, and did I mention he can block?

Claypool wasn’t considered the best receiver in the draft, but he certainly could be considered one of the most well-rounded. Steelers fans will love this kid from Canada once he steps onto the Heinz Field turf and starts making dynamic plays.

Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the black-and-gold as they prepare for the rest of the 2020 NFL Draft.