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The 2020 NFL schedule is still expected to be released next week

Contrary to other reports, the NFL plans to move forward with the release of the 2020 regular-season schedule

Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Only one week removed from the first day of the 2020 NFL draft, fans are still looking forward to the offseason progressing as normal as possible. The next item on the agenda is the release of the NFL schedule for 2020.

Usually announced the week before the draft, the NFL released a May 9 deadline weeks ago as to when the schedule will be made known to the public. A recent report from stated the NFL was considering delaying the schedule release for a variety of reasons. Issues such as being able to stick with the original start date, ticket sales, and uncertainty as to whether or not games will be played in front of a full stadiums were reasons to delay the announcement.

But according to NFL spokes person Brian McCarthy, the NFL has no plans to delay the release of the schedule, or the opening of the 2020 NFL season.

A delay in the kickoff weekend to the NFL season at this point would be considered somewhat premature as other professional sports are hoping to resume their seasons well before the NFL typically begins. Understanding things may need to change at a later date, the NFL is pushing forward with their plans until adjustments must be made. It was even rumored the schedule will be developed in a way in which it could be adjusted should those circumstances arise.

As for when fans can expect the schedule to be released, although the final date of May 9 is given, it could come several days earlier. The NFL usually does not announce well in advance any kind of schedule release show. Instead, there generally a specific date and time given with just a few days notice. If the NFL sticks with their normal day of the week for the release, there is a possibility the date could be as early as Thursday, May 7.

Regardless of when the schedule release show takes place, Behind The Steel Curtain will have the Steelers 2020 schedule, as well as week-by-week breakdowns, in anticipation of the upcoming season.