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After leaving Pittsburgh, Nick Vannett changes his tune about his time with the Steelers

Over a two month period, Vannett went from asking to stay to saying it was not a pleasant experience in Pittsburgh

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

It’s funny how perceptions change when people part ways. Whether it be a personal or professional relationship, sometimes people claim everything is great only to turn around and change their tune further down the road. With such a change in opinion, it’s never quite clear which time, if any, was actually when the truth was stated.

Enter former Steelers tight end Nick Vannett. Only two short months ago, Vannett was talking about his love for Pittsburgh and his desire to continue with the Steelers according to‘s Teresa Varley.

While the world as we know it was much different two months ago, it’s hard to believe Vannett soured on the Steelers that quickly. But when the Steelers went out and signed free agent tight end Eric Ebron, Vannett probably saw the writing on the wall that his time in the steel city was over.

After signing with the Denver Broncos on a two-year deal for $5.7 million, Vannett appears to have changed his opinion about his time in Pittsburgh. According to Broncos’ beat writer Ryan O’Holleran, Vannett claims to not have had a pleasant experience with the Steelers.

O’Halloran went on to explain Vannett’s statement in saying he added a deeper explanation as to why his time in Pittsburgh was so trying.

Another writer for the Denver Broncos, Nicki Jhabvala from The Athletic, posted an image of the full quote from Vannett. While the original quote and explanation seemed to go in one order chronologically, it may not exactly how Vannett spoke about the situation.

Was Vannett unhappy with his time in Pittsburgh? Is he truly a player who was disappointed he was not re-signed and now no longer looks fondly on his time in the steel city? Or were his words simply taken out of context in order to give a more sensational headline? You can draw your opinion for yourself.

In case you cannot see the full quote from the tweet above, here is the image which was shared by Jhabvala:

It would be hard for Steelers’ fans to disagree about the Steelers offense and its struggles in the 2019 season. Unfortunately, Nick Vannett was brought in to sure up a position group which was struggling with injury and inexperience in their depth pieces. Although Vannett had a mere 13 catchers for 128 yards with the Steelers, he was only targeted 17 times in his 391 offensive snaps. With the Steelers hopefully making quite an upgrade in free agency and moving on from Vannett, it is difficult to judge his time in Pittsburgh. I guess the uncertainty goes both ways.