2020 Behind The Steel Curtain/ SB Nation Live Mock Draft Open Thread and GM Sign Up List: Volume II

Due to the original thread having 500+ comments and the band with lagging some devices, a second thread has been created. Please understand that this may take place in our Live Draft. That is why I mentioned handling trade talks via email to cut down on traffic, but interest is good for this thing. We can always make new threads. I'm gonna add all the Updates and Info that was in the other thread.


The draft will be held during the weekend of 4/17

4/17 – 7 PM EDT / 4 PM PDT (Round 1 and 2)

4/18 – NOON EDT / 9 AM PDT (Round 3 – 5)

4/19 – NOON EDT / 9 AM PDT (6 and 7)


There will be a change in venue for this Live Mock. We will now be holding it here at Behind the Steel Curtain. After an email chat with the editor at ATQ it has been decided it would be best served to move it to another site. He felt it was no way to avoid the locals invading our thread, which could create issues.

I have some loose ends to tie up, so there won’t be any other info to pass on but I plan on having that figured out by the end of the weekend. So dates and times remain as posted in the article above but will be held at BTSC.

So far it looks like it may be a great turn out as far as GMs. There are some that have sent emails that I need to get back with and I need to check the Fan Posts that are spread throughout SBNation. I promise to get back with you and thanks in advance.

An FYI on moderation

The Community Manager (SNW) and the other mods are long time members of this community and take that responsibility serious with a sense of pride. The SBNation Guidelines apply but as we know each site has their own interpretation of Community Guidelines. Here at BTSC they are simple, please watch your language, we do not like politics in our football and above all be respectful. We all have opinions just don’t make it personal.


Just letting everyone know that while BTSC is hosting this, Joseph Yun is still the commissioner of the draft. I feel that it is only right, in my opinion he didn’t get much backing from his editor or out of some of the members over at The Quack. It is what it is and we move on.

Joseph has sent some information that needs to be passed on.


1st – 5 minutes
2-3 – 3 minutes
4-5 – 2 minutes
6-7 – 1 minute


Player for picks trades are allowed and 2021 picks are allowed as well. Let’s have a designated trade approval person so nothing crazy happens.

So with that said, is anyone interested in monitoring the trades and posting as needed?


We now have a Trade Czar – Huirricane123( Jaguars GM) and a Draft Tracker – PotentOilDragon (Titan fan but is taking a vacant team)

The plan is to use the Draft Tracker to discuss trades but feel free to use emails also. This is to limit some of the traffic to keep the thread a little cleaner. Once the two GMs have decided on the particulars, Hurricane123 has requested that the GMs email him the info so the announcement can be made. Once again this is to keep from eating up thread space and to keep things organized. Joseph Yun ( Commish),Hurricane123 (Trade Czar), PotentOilDragon( Draft Tracker) and myself( as backup everything) will need to make adjustments on the Draft Order. A brief time out will possibly happen to make these changes.

We will wait until about an before the draft starts to approve trades though, Feel free to continue to discuss those in the GM List but the NFL is still a working environment (some what) and trades may actually happen before our mock draft takes place.

I feel Hurricane123 will post his email at some point for everyone to use. and I know he uses the Drafttek trade value chart but in likely hood the two parties will agree to make the best decisions for themselves.

I think I covered everything, if not feel free to ask questions.


Just want to say thanks to everyone for joining this crazy event. I am proud to say, as of now all GM spots are filled and we have a member of BTSC on standby to fill a vacant role(Goldenslubr).

I still need a few emails from some : Dallas, Miami, New Orleans and Green Bay.

As this continues to approach I ask that anyone that has a change of plans please let me know ASAP. I understand that home, job and life can throw last minute hiccups and the way this virus is spreading day to day can be unpredictable. Stay Safe Everyone.

Also as rule of thumb, we have always avoided using the SUBJECT BOX for general comments during the draft. Reason being, the font in the subject box is easier to pick out draft info. Last year someone had a brilliant idea (sorry can’t remember who) of rec’ing the picks and draft info which would highlight the comment. It takes 5 rec’s to turn the comment green. So keep that in mind.

As of today we have two weeks until the draft, so I will hold at least two more role calls via email and on this thread to see who is around and following things. Glad to see that the trade market is open and active. Some have posted their email in the thread and those interested in trading will need to so so or at least add it in your profile for the duration of this draft.

I will keep your emails as to offer roles in future drafts and once again thanks, looking forward to doing this.


This continues to pop up as a question, so I will answer it here. I have had access granted as a writer/contributor here at BTSC for a while now and will be posting the articles for our draft. Our editor is on board with our Live Mock and feels that it is good promotion for our site. There might be a need for separate articles for each round depending on the band width from comments. Links will be provided if and when that occurs.

These are the times for the articles or threads, give or take a few minutes.

Friday’s posting time will be 6pm EDT one hour before the draft.

Saturday’s and Sunday’s will be 11am EDT, one hour before the draft.

There will be need for a roll call, to see who is here and there may be a need to make adjustments from possible no shows. Also PotentOilDragon(Draft Tracker) and Hurricane123(Trade Czar) will need time to make announcements and adjustments to the draft order in terms of trades.

If you don’t plan on participating in the thread(and that’s fine) and are only making the picks for your respective team, we still need to know you are around.

Note: please rec all of these updates. That way they are highlighted and easier to pick out.

The GM List

Cincinnati Bengals - QueenCityBoiler

Washington Redskins - KyleSmithforGM

Detroit Lions - stevew_66

NY Giants - BradyLockwood10

Miami Dolphins - Francesco Pergolini

LA Chargers - stephen619

Carolina Panthers - KeepPounding88

Arizona Cardinals - Daft One

Jacksonville Jaguars - Hurricane123

Cleveland Browns -MidniteMoses

NY Jets - GenoTime7

LV Raiders - AAraider

San Francisco 49ers - UnfrozenCavemanSpectator

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OneBucPerson

Denver Broncos - Jammy4041

Atlanta Falcons - Respect the A

Dallas Cowboys - Dalailuke

Philadelphia Eagles - Goldenslumbr

Buffalo Bills - BillyKent

New England Patriots - Slot Machine player #2

New Orleans Saints - fitz164

Minnesota Vikings - marksp18

Seattle Seahawks - PotentOilDragon

Baltimore Ravens - JVice

Tennessee Titans - Joseph Yun

Green Bay Packers - scootinj

Kansas City Chiefs - steelerfan11

Pittsburgh Steelers - Pittsblitz56

Chicago Bears - tonybearfan503454

LA Rams - Danteslion

Indianapolis Colts - Clydesdales

Houston Texans - Kingofkingwood

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