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Kevin Dotson: A Steelers fourth-round pick everyone can agree on

Louisiana guard Kevin Dotson: The Steelers fourth-round pick everyone loves to love.

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 22 UL Lafayette at Texas State Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

How often do you make a negative comment about a recent Steelers draft pick, only for someone to rebut you and have their comment turn green? (That question is obviously for the BTSC regulars reading this.)

Disagreements about who the Steelers just drafted are about as American as mom, apple pie and Mel Kiper’s astonishment that one of his “Best Available” is still on the board.

But I’m guessing nothing mentioned in the first paragraph took place after the Steelers made Louisiana guard Kevin Dotson their second fourth-round pick (135, overall) of the 2020 NFL Draft on Saturday.

Yes, while the gloves came off when discussing the second-round pick, third-round pick, first fourth-round pick and the rest of the selections, Dotson’s drew universal praise. That’s right, if there were comments made that turned green, they likely were because everyone else agreed with said comment and how awesome the Dotson pick was.

I know I was excited. Oh, not right away, but the second I watched a clip of him talking in a charming manner, I was hooked. Admit it, so were you.

As for the rest of the stuff—his durable play in college, his technique, his accolades which included All-Sun Belt Conference and AP All-American honors—only heightened my—and your—love for the selection.

From what I’ve read, Dotson is the proverbial road grader that loves to get out there and maul defenders during running plays. As for passing plays, he’s always looking to deliver a quick blow to his opponents. That’s sometimes to his own detriment, unfortunately. But that’s where coaching comes into play, right? If Shaun Sarrett, his new professional offensive line coach, can teach Dotson to move and strike without breaking the string (Rocky reference), he’ll become a very dangerous person—or at least have better balance.

And that’s just the on-field attributes to the now very dear Kevin Dotson. What about the personality stuff, you know the things that will endear him to Steeler Nation before he even sets foot on a practice field? I’m talking about his life-long fondness for the team that just drafted him. Also, what about his former work as a bouncer? How about the thing he did where he pulled a truck for exercise?

That stuff has already been mentioned and written about countless times—including by me. But it’s still worth bringing up yet again.

As a fourth-round pick, I’m not sure if Dotson is eligible for the Isaac Redman Award. But with his personality that seems to be oozing with charisma and fun, he is a serious candidate for the JuJu Smith-Schuster Please Help Me Find My Stolen Bike Rookie Award.

He’ll get my vote.

Any fourth-round pick that draws universal praise from the fans and media should run for king of the world.

However, if he can win the starting left guard job sooner rather than later, I think that will be almost as good.

All hail Kevin Dotson.

He or she who objects can forever hold your peace.