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Is J.J. Watt coming to the Pittsburgh Steelers an inevitability?

Is it just a matter of time?

JJ Watt is an all time great on a team trending in the wrong direction
George Bridges/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

When Derek Watt signed his deal to become the second Watt brother on the Steelers roster much of our fan base started to call on the organization to bring in the final Watt brother.

While J.J. Watt still has two years remaining on his deal, there really isn't anything that he hasn't accomplished for the Texans and the city of Houston. While yes, he still hasn't brought a ring to Texas’ other team, the organization seems to be trending away from any shot at a Super bowl championship. While it’s still doubtful that J.J. could be traded, I don't see him taking another deal with Houston if a shot to finally play with his brothers becomes available.

It’s clear J.J., Derek and T.J. are very tight. They interact with each other almost daily on social media, and seemingly are always spending time together even during the season. And while Derek and T.J. have been teammates in the past, J.J. has yet to experience playing the game with his actual flesh and blood.

While yes, J.J. has run into some injury problems the last number of seasons, he is still dominant when he is on the field, and that kind of talent is one any organization would be happy to have.

I think an addition like the eldest Watt could also make for some creative defensive formations within the D-line as well. Cameron Heyward, Stephon Tuitt and (J.J.) Watt could play a 30 front or they could put T.J.’s hand in the ground and make a 40 with either Watt outside the edge.

But what do you think? Is J.J. Watt destined to play in Pittsburgh? Let us know in the comments below!