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The Steelers should dip their toe in the free agent market, just for not what you expect

Adding a veteran to compete with Jordan Berry should be a priority before the beginning of training camp.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers defence is still in need for depth help. But with limited draft picks they’ll need to look to the free agent market for reinforcements.
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Jordan Berry rebounded after a brutal 2018 season, but his rise back hit a snag as the season drug on. While he was still middle of the pack in most statistical categories, below average isn’t a good thing when stats are as cut and dry as kicking is concerned.

While I don't necessarily think Berry should get the boot, I think adding someone other than a UDFA would light a fire under the Aussie punter. At worse Berry gets beat out by a superior player and the team moves on with a better special teams unit.

Lets take a quick look at where Jordan Berry stacked up against the rest of the NFL in 2019:

Net average: 40.9 [Tied 24th]

Average Punt: 45.5 [18th]

Punts inside 20: 24 [Tied 19th]

Inside 20%: 32.4% [32nd]

Here are a couple names that could come off the street and compete with Berry.

Dustin Colquitt

The 38 year old long time Chiefs punter is coming off a Super Bowl in Kansas City but found himself out of a job when the team cut him in April. If he wants another kick at the cat he could come play for his father, Craig’s, Former team whom Colquitt won 2 super bowl rings with. While not the kicker he once was Colquitt could push Berry just enough that either player could find their game.

Matt Bosher

The long time Falcons Punter battled a groin injury that limited him to only 3 appearances in 2019. But has been a career 45.7 yard average punter and is a 6 years Colquitt’s junior. If healthy, Bosher could be a player that forces Berry out of town altogether.

Pat McAfee

Yes, you read that right. The Podcasting, pro-wrestling commentating, possible Monday night color-commentator would be and interesting name to throw into the mix. While McAfee hasn't punted since 2016 but is still just 33 years old. While it seems nearly impossible that the 2x Pro Bowl punter would leave his cushy desk job he does hail from Pittsburgh and retiring young could still leave him with an itch to give it one more go. If the Steelers did turn to McAfee, however, it would almost certainly mean the end of Jordan Berry’s tenure with the Steelers as McAfee isn't getting lured out of retirement just to get cut at the end of training camp.

What do you think? Should the Steelers bring in some competition for Jordan Berry outside of Corliss Waitman, UDFA out of South Alabama? Tell us why or why-not in the comments below!