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The Steelers should trade for Josh Rosen if they want a QB of the future

Since some of you love QB related articles so much, I present you with another!

Miami Dolphins v Pittsburgh Steelers
Josh Rosen could use another change of scenery
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Josh Rosen has gotten the short end of the stick to start his young NFL career. The former No. 10 pick in the draft has already been replaced by two top-5 draft picks in as many seasons. When his career started in Arizona it felt like they had a player who could be their QB for years to come, but a change at head coach coupled with having the first overall pick forced the Cardinals hand in forcing Rosen out of town.

Rosen again got shafted when he wound up on a team destined to wind up with the first overall pick. The Dolphins were selling any and all talent on its roster and in turn lost a ton of games. Not only that but the second straight season of no protection and a new offence seemed to shatter Rosens confidence. Miami has since drafted Tua Tagovailoa and still has Ryan Fitzpatrick under contract for another season. So seemingly Josh Rosen should be back on the block.

Any team looking to add Josh Rosen to its QB room should have room to let him sit a couple of seasons to regain his confidence and learn an offence. BUT that team should be getting ready to move onto its next quarterback in the near future.

Enter the Pittsburgh Steelers

Any knock you had against bringing in a Jameis Winston or Cam Newton you don't have to worry about with Rosen.

His contract? Still a rookie deal but being traded twice makes it worth even less to the Steelers cap situation. Plus he has a 5th year option if he seems promising.

His age. Only 23 years old and if he sits for a couple years would be coming onto the field completely healthy.

And his trade value won't get much lower than it is right now.

If there was a better fit available I haven't seen it.

Both Mason Rudolph and Josh Rosen could battle it out for the QB2 job for the next two seasons before one could possibly take over for the future hall of famer. That time with QB coach Matt Canada and learning the Steelers offence would only set up the Steelers for success.

But what do you think? Should the Steelers kick the tread on a Josh Rosen trade? They've had some recent success trading with that club! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.