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What’s your hottest Pittsburgh Steelers take?

Got an opinion that doesn’t fit with the majority? get it off your chest

Miami Dolphins v Pittsburgh Steelers
Lets hear you Steeler Nation what’s your hottest take?
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Whats the one thing you firmly believe in but hold tight to your chest because public perception holds a different take?

Is there one player you think is trash but they're going off a pro-bowl season?

What about your thoughts on the 2020 draft? do you think a 7th round pick is the steal of the draft?

We all have them, but it’s time to share yours.

In practicing what I preach here’s one of my hottest Steelers takes:

Ben Roethlisberger will outplay his current deal.

Yes, not only do I think the Steelers gunslinger will bounce back to form pre-elbow-surgery, but he will sign on to play another year or two past the end of his current deal. Playing into his early 40’s.

Now it’s your turn! The best and hottest takes will feature in a BTSC article next week! So comment below, on twitter, and on facebook!