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Get your first Chase Claypool Steelers jersey right here!

Chase Claypool has declared his jersey number for the Pittsburgh Steelers...time to add this jersey to your collection!

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The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t have a first round draft pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, but that doesn’t mean the fan base isn’t excited about the team’s top draft pick.

With their top pick, a second round selection, the Steelers took big-bodied wide receiver Chase Claypool. The Notre Dame product is known for his ridiculous size, speed and strength. All attributes which will make him an instant hit with the Pittsburgh Steelers fan base.

So, with Claypool destined to be a hit for the black-and-gold, why not get your hands on the rookie’s jersey for the 2020 season?

Just this week, Claypool took to his Twitter account to show he won’t be wearing his No. 83 which he wore in college, but is going to be donning No. 11 for the Steelers.

Get your hands on Claypool’s first Steelers jersey by checking out the details below!

Details: Since this is a special-event item, the No. 0 will serve as a placeholder and the jersey will not ship until Claypool has officially signed and selected his number.