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Steelers News: Why the Pennsylvania Governor’s comments on Ben Roethlisberger are off base

Time to check on the latest news surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pennsylvania Conference For Women Photo by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for Pennsylvania Conference for Women

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 NFL Draft is officially over. After finishing last year 8-8, the Steelers, and their vast fan base, have another long offseason awaiting them. Just because the games are done doesn’t mean we stop providing you with features, commentary and opinions to tide you over throughout the offseason!

Today in the black-and-gold links article we take a look at how Governor Tom Wolfe’s comments on Ben Roethlisberger were way out of line.

Let’s get to the news:

  • Don’t mix politics and sports, but that happened.

Tim Benz: Gov. Wolf’s comments about sports fans were arrogant and inaccurate

By: Tim Benz, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

While exploring the prospect of major sports events returning to Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf put his foot in his mouth.

Even while wearing a facemask. Yup, for this guy, that’s possible.

Apparently, Wolf isn’t satisfied telling Pittsburgh’s quarterback whether he can get his haircut. He’s also telling Pittsburgh fans whether we are going to “feel safe” watching him play.

Not if it’s safe to attend a game. He’s telling us how “everybody” is going to feel about it.

Apparently, Wolf is omniscient.

Keep in mind, Wolf isn’t talking about our worries over Ben Roethlisberger’s elbow. Or him gunslinging into double coverage. Pittsburghers are always going to have concerns there.

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  • Time to bring the heat...

Believe it or not, Roethlisberger’s return promises an equal impact on the defense

By: Dale Lolley, DKPittsburghSports

The Steelers finished the 2019 season with the league’s fifth-rated defense in terms of yards against. They were sixth in points allowed and led the league in sacks for the third consecutive season while also leading the way with 38 forced turnovers.

But in the NFL things never stay the same from one season to the next.

And with the loss of starting nose tackle Javon Hargrave in free agency, there is a feeling that perhaps the defense won’t be quite as good in 2020.

That could be the case. It most certainly won’t be the same. But, there are some factors that just might make it better.

“We were a very young team last year defensively. We’re just going to continue to gel together,” T.J. Watt said this week on Sirius XM’s NFL Radio. “This is Blitzburgh. We send the heat a lot. We’re very comfortable with it. I don’t see us shying away from it at all. We’re very good in our disguises, and as we grow, we’re only going to get better.”

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  • T.J. Watt is bringing Alex Highsmith along from afar.

From a distance, T.J. Watt taking Steelers rookie LB Alex Highsmith under his wing

By: Joe Rutter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

T.J. Watt has spent the past month mentoring a teammate he likely still hasn’t met in person.

Since the NFL Draft concluded April 25, the Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker has been in the ear of rookie third-round pick Alex Highsmith, who was picked to provide depth at a position sorely needing it heading into the 2020 season.

All contact has been done on a virtual basis because of the coronavirus pandemic that has kept most teammates from personally interacting.

“Once Alex was drafted, I reached out to him and we’ve talked a lot on the side,” Watt said this week during an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I told him from the start that if you have any questions, don’t feel like you’re bothering me. You can always reach out to me whether it’s anything from drill work to an actual alignment or an assignment.”

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