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From the Deputy Editor: Covering the Steelers is a dream come true

There’s a new deputy editor in town... eh?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Stanford Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2017 I began my journey with Behind The Steel Curtain. After an angry rant about the Steelers playoff loss to the Jaguars caught the attention of our outgoing editor, Jeff Hartman’s eyes, we chatted for a bit. I started creating some content for the site, but having to focus so much of my time on completing my journalism diploma, I had to take a step back.

Fast forward to January of this year and I shot Jeff an email about a possible return. In the following days I again got the opportunity to write for the website. It wasn’t until day two of this year’s NFL draft where my role with the site got attached to a rocket.

As many of you already know, Chase Claypool is from Canada, as am I. In true stereotypical Canadian fashion, I do know Chase, from Canada.

Watching Chase grow up from BC high school football all the way to getting drafted to my childhood favorite team was an exciting moment. But getting a text from our mutual football trainer to come interview Chase took this feeling to the next level.

An exclusive interview with the Steelers top pick gave me enough exposure to host a podcast with BTSC called ‘The Live Mike’. The podcast, in turn got me on new editor, Dave Schofield’s show ‘Steelers Stat Geek’ and on a segment of 93.7 The Fan’s Paul Zeise’s show.

And now, here I am before you as your new deputy editor. In the following weeks you'll see a ton of new and exciting content from myself on both the writing and podcasting sides, I may even be involved with BTSC social media in some capacity when the season rolls around.

My two biggest goals is to, firstly, continue to run with the baton that Dave has carried so well in his time holding this position. Secondly, I want to create amazing content for you the fan. I have a ton of exciting ideas to churn out and I can't wait to hear your feedback— the good and the bad— on all of it.

Let’s get to work!