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A Letter From the Editor: Familiar names, new responsibilities

Announcing new roles at Behind The Steel Curtain moving forward

NFL: DEC 04 Giants at Steelers Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

First and foremost, I cannot write a letter on Memorial Day without acknowledging those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in order for our country to enjoy the freedoms which have been established for almost 250 years. For any of you who have lost a loved one in service of our country, our thoughts are with you as a part of you has also been lost for our benefit. On this Memorial Day, it is important we all take the time to show our appreciation in some manner to those who have given their lives for our freedom.

Although it is a holiday weekend, it also marks the beginning of a week which may look slightly different to some here at Behind The Steel Curtain. Although editor Jeff Hartman is still with us till the end of the month, he has taken on more of an advisory role to help with the transition as we move from one editor to another. Once again, I am grateful for everything Jeff has done for me as a writer, an editor, a podcaster, and a friend.

As with so many things in life, the show must go on. We here at BTSC are dedicated to bringing you quality content in regards to our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.

In case someone is stumbling upon the news for the first time, Jeff Hartman is moving on to a fantastic opportunity at DK Pittsburgh Sports and I will be stepping into the editor duties. In vacating the role of deputy editor, the responsibilities previously covered by both Jeff and myself will need to be tackled in one way or another. Rather than simply ask one person to do the job duties covered by their predecessor, I’ve decided to split up some various responsibilities moving forward. Every staff member here at BTSC has different time constraints due to their other obligations in life. With this in mind, it became necessary to split different duties in various ways.

One example which was previously announced is Bryan Anthony Davis will be stepping up to coordinate all the podcast responsibilities with the website. While this job was something previously covered by the editor, Bryan has an expertise with a broadcasting background which will be very useful. So for those of you who visit the podcast articles, you will soon see a transition merely in the name of the author as Bryan hopes to continue on with the great precedent set forward before him.

Another writer had BTSC which readers could see in a different role moving forward is Geoffrey Benedict. Known for his fantastic film breakdown, Geoffrey will also be helping to cover various news stories throughout the week. Please note, these news stories will be in addition to, and not in place of, the great articles Geoffrey already brings to the site. So if any of you were wondering if we were going to lose his film breakdown sessions, do not fear.

As for the role of deputy editor, it will be filled by someone who has been producing quality content for the site for several months. I am pleased to announce Michael Beck will be fulfilling the deputy editor responsibilities. Already contributing to the site as well as bringing his audio podcast ‘The Live Mike” to our forum, Michael is excited to bring added content to the site, as well as joining more of our podcasts. For more on Michael, stay tuned as he will be introducing himself later today as well as a news series going through the Steelers current roster player-by-player.

I feel like it’s something I’ve done so much people may be growing tired of it, but I must thank Jeff Hartman one last time. Jeff has done a wonderful job here at Behind The Steel Curtain and we all wish him the best of luck in all he does. As for you all, the readers and the ultimate heart and soul of BTSC, we hope our staff can continue to live up to the expectations established by those who have come before us.

Thank you all for making Behind The Steel Curtain the wonderful community we can all enjoy. And, as always, go Steelers!