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Another Watt will be coming to Pittsburgh in 2020

Derek Watt has announced that he and his wife will be welcoming a second child

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

The Watt family is rapidly expanding in Pittsburgh, both on the roster and in the community itself. Steelers Fullback, Derek Watt and his wife Gabriella have announced on twitter that the couple are expecting their second child.

The next member of the Watt family is due in December of this year, and will join big brother, Logan as the only grandchildren courtesy of the Watt brothers. No pressure T.J. and J.J...

Speaking of T.J., he must be the clear cut favorite in being the favourite Uncle. Who will get to be around his future nephew or niece a whole lot more than eldest brother. Perhaps J.J. will unite the trio in Pittsburgh in the 2021 offseason.

This has been a pretty big offseason for the brothers. Not only did Derek sign a fairly lucrative deal as far as fullbacks go, but the entire Watt trio have brought ‘Ultimate tag’ to our TV screens

Lets recap the big offseason for the Watt Brothers:

  • Feb, 15 J.J. Watt marries Kealia Ohai
  • Mar 25, Derek Watt signs with the Steelers
  • Apr 28, Steelers pick up T.J. Watt’s 5th year option (estimated value of around $10 Million)
  • May 20, Ultimate tag premiers (Hosted/commentated by the trio)
  • May 31, Derek Watt announces he and his wife are expecting

This is a pretty insane 4 months, even by the first-family in football standards.

Congratulations Derek and Gabriella! We’re excited to have another voice in Steelers Nation!