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When it comes to the release of the Steelers 2020 schedule, perspective is key

Steelers’ Nation has their thoughts on what they would like with the 2020 schedule, but what one set of fans hope to see may be different than others

Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

There are so many things in life that come down to perspective. Since people always bring different experiences to any situation, how the details are viewed different greatly depend on the person. Even though most Steelers fans share an excitement for the upcoming season, the specifics of what they hope to learn when the schedule is released Thursday night can differ greatly from person to person.

Depending on from where fans live across the globe to traditions in making pilgrimages to Heinz Field each season, what each person looks for when the schedule is released varies across the board. For those covering the team, many local reporters have voice their displeasure in primetime games due to working late nights. For others, making sure a game is televised is the most important aspect.

My perspective is different conglomeration of several different things. First of all, I have to give a bit of a disclaimer that I realize it is quite the privilege to be a Steelers season ticket holder. I have now completed five seasons in which I have access to every home game in Pittsburgh. Although I hope to see different things when it comes to the Steeler schedule than what I did when I was just a regular fan, the last thing I want to do is come across as complaining about the situation. There is not much in this world I would trade in order to continue to call myself a Steelers season ticket holder. This is just one of my perspectives when it comes to the schedule.

Another perspective in which I view the Steelers and being able to watch their games is from someone who lives outside the Pittsburgh viewing area. Without access to NFL Sunday Ticket, I rely on Steelers games being broadcast on television as part of the national coverage. Another way I can catch the game is if the Baltimore Ravens happen to not be playing at the same time. Living in their viewing area, generally the Steelers game gets carried if Baltimore is not playing at the same time. So when the schedule comes out, I find myself comparing both the Steelers and the Ravens schedules in order to see if there’s a chance I will be able to catch the Steelers game each week.

One last perspective I have been looking at the schedule for the Steelers is that of someone who is covering the game for behind the steel curtain. With post game analysis and the need for articles for immediately following the game as well as the next day, I know the conclusion of each game, regardless of time, will be devoted to bringing the best possible content here at BTSC.

I’m sure many steelers fans across the country anticipate the black and gold playing in primetime so they are guaranteed to have the game available. But since I’ve become a season ticket holder, I look at the schedule in hopes of games which may not be the best scenario for the Steelers.

First of all, I always check to see when the Steelers are stuck playing on Thursday night. Although I’m happy to be able to see the Steelers, I know a home game is preferable since road teams have a major disadvantage when preparing for a short week. But in looking at this situation as a season ticket holder, I end up hoping the Steelers are on the road for the Thursday game. Additionally, any primetime game is better as a road game.

Even if I lived in Pittsburgh, a Thursday night contest is hard to attend with games not finishing until after 11 PM. It makes for a long night when having to worry about work the next day. Add in the fact I live more than 3.5 hours away from Heinz Field, the situation is compounded even more.

Of course, I could just choose not to go to the game. The biggest problem in this situation as I am not alone. Many season ticket holders don’t want to attend all the primetime games every year. Believe it or not, it’s difficult for fans without season tickets to choose to attend a primetime game over a 1 PM or 4:25 PM start. It’s a lot to ask to invest so much money into a game that is more inconvenient than others. Many times I find myself going to the primetime games simply because I am unable to sell my tickets. Rather than resell my tickets online for anyone to purchase, I attempt to do it myself in order to make sure it is Steelers fans sitting in my seats.

Last season I attended four Steeler games– one preseason and three regular season. Of those four games, three of them were in primetime. The last game I attended was the final home game of 2019 against the Buffalo Bills which was flexed to Sunday Night Football. I reported here at BTSC following the game that I have never seen so many opposing fans at Heinz Field before. Once the game was moved to an 8:15 PM start, it became so inconvenient for many of the ticket holders to still attend which caused them to put tickets up for sale. Unfortunately, many tickets were snagged by crazed Bills fans who were excited to see their team have a chance of making the playoffs.

I am in an unusual position when it comes to the Steelers’ schedule. It seems like no matter what’s going to happen I won’t be completely happy. I want as many games as possible to be on television, but I also don’t want to have to worry about late night coverage. I also don’t want to have a bunch of primetime games at home which makes it difficult as a season ticket holder, but I want to see the Steelers have the best advantage for winning a game. As much as I would enjoy watching the Steelers on Thanksgiving should they be matched up against the Dallas Cowboys, having to “work” on the day I ususally travel to spend with family is not something I look forward to.

For the 2020 season, I don’t even know what to expect when it comes to attending games. With so much uncertainty as to how things will progress for the 2020 season, my first hope is the Steelers play their schedule even if it is in front of an empty stadium. I think we can all agree on that point.

When it really comes down to it, my personal presences are insignificant. What I would like to see is the Pittsburgh Steelers put in the best scenario to win football games. All the other things I would like to see is merely from my own convenience. Whether it be attending the games or breaking them down for BTSC, if the Steelers aren’t victorious that nothing else really matters.

So what is your perspective on the upcoming NFL 2020 schedule, particularly for the Steelers? What would you like to see? What are your reasons behind it? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.