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Would the Steelers be wise to kick the tires on a Lawrence Timmons reunion?

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The Steelers may be inclined to bring back a veteran inside linebacker with experience in their defense, but it might not be who you think.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

Sometimes a seemingly crazy idea isn't really all that crazy after further review. I have plenty of these ideas bouncing around in the old noggin on a daily basis. I like to share them from time to time with our enlightened BTSC community in an attempt for better clarity and understanding. Here is my latest submission.

There is a segment of Steelers’ Nation who are concerned with the Steelers lack of experienced depth at the inside linebacker positions. Bringing in an veteran backer with experience in the Steelers defensive schemes and personnel, like recently released Mark Barron, has been suggested. I have no issue with this suggestion, especially if the price is right and doable. But what if the returning former Steelers player isn't Barron, but instead longtime standout Lawrence Timmons? Reserve your judgment for a second, if you will, and hear me out.

In what came as a shock to me, I learned recently that Timmons hasn't yet retired from the league. It was suggested Timmons could sign a one-day contract and retire as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This got me thinking, why does it have to be a one day contract?

Timmons signed a two year contract with the Miami Dolphins prior to the 2017 season, after the Steelers left him little choice but to move on. But he left his heart in Pittsburgh. He went AWOL from the Dolphins prior to the start of the season, returning back to Pittsburgh because he missed his teammates. The decision for Timmons to leave Pittsburgh apparently wasn't mutual. Timmons was never the same player with Miami. His heart just wasn't in it, I do believe.

Now Timmons has been out of the league for a couple of seasons, and is a 34 year old free agent. He hasn't yet officially retired from the NFL, which explains the aforementioned one-day contract suggestion with the Steelers.

What would it hurt for the Steelers to kick the tires on Timmons, considering their inexperienced depth at the position and salary cap situation? He could surely be had for the veteran minimum and would definitely bring knowledge and experience to the unit.

What if his struggles with the Dolphins were caused by the aforementioned homesickness? He may very well still have the requisite athleticism to man a backup interior position for a series or two each game to spell a starter. There is no way to know without bringing him in for a look.

What the Steelers can be assure of getting is a leader and positive locker room presence. He can help mold and teach the young upstarts the intricacies of the NFL game through his professionalism and work ethic. He is a renowned teammate who also positively impacts the community.

Does he still have enough left in the tank athletically to win a position, to beat out a hungry youngster like Robert Spillane? Does he even have a desire to return to the NFL, and are the Steelers in anyway interested in the reunion?

Who knows, but it sure could be fun to find out.