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Friday Night Steelers Six Pack of questions and open thread: Offseason, Vol. 23

There is always something to talk about when it comes to the black-and-gold!

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

As the incoming editor here at BTSC, I will do my best to give you all what you’re looking for with the Friday Nigh Six Pack. Although we all recognize there is a lot going on in the world at this time, this thread is intended for those who wish to engage in these questions as a small escape from the burdens many are faced with at this time. This is your opportunity for some great Steelers discussion (with some other silliness thrown in) with me merely providing some questions.

I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations. If there are any suggestions where I can make this better for you all, please be gentle and let me know.

The rules are still the same...

Quick rundown of the ground rules.

  • I’ll ask at least four questions strictly related to the Steelers.
  • The rest of the questions could be about anything.
  • Be respectful.
  • Have fun talking about the Black-and-gold.

So here we go! With the formalities out of the way, it’s time to jump on in. Hopefully this party is exactly what you’re looking for on a Friday night. Here goes:

  1. Serious question to start: With concerns over COVID-19, would you still be willing to go to a Steelers game in 2020 if given the chance?
  2. Although it didn’t end well, Antonio Brown was a 6th-round draft pick who became a superstar. Other than Brown, who was the the best VALUE draft pick the Steelers have ever made?
  3. What is the last movie you saw in the theater (or the last one you remember)?
  4. If the Steelers tinkered with their color rush uniforms, which would you rather see: All gold with black numbers, all white with black numbers, all black with white numbers, or the current all black with gold numbers?
  5. Much like number three, what is the last concert you attended and where?
  6. This past Monday I was able to interview new Steelers defensive lineman Chris Wormley (check it out HERE if you missed it). If you could interview any Steelers player, past or present, who would it be?

Stay safe out there, and hopefully you can use BTSC as a break from the craziness of life.

And it wouldn’t be a Friday night unless we said...