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Chris Wormley offers 3 suggestions for Steelers Nation to help make the world a better place

In an exclusive interview with Behind The Steel Curtain, Wormley had a simple message for Steelers fans during our current social climate

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets Photo by: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In an exclusive interview this past week with the new Steelers defensive lineman Chris Wormley, I gave him the opportunity to give his thoughts on current events as well as any words he would like to share with Steelers Nation in order to help make the world a better place. Wormley was more than happy to give a simple list of what he believes would make life a little better for everyone.

“I think the biggest thing is just to listen— to have an open heart and to have an open mind on things that are going on in the world,” Wormley stated. “Obviously, 2020 seems to be like a Twilight Zone type of episode. But just listen— have an open heart, have an open mind— respect people, and just be kind.”

Listening. Respect. Kindness.

While these are three simple words, putting all of them into practice, especially at one time, is not always the easiest thing in today’s world. They are not controversial. They are three things which are pretty much universally accepted. They don’t apply to one specific group or system of beliefs, so putting them into practice should not be offensive to anyone.

“It’s really that simple when you put it into those three types of things— respect, being kind, and just listening— that can go a long way,” Wormley continued. “You can learn a lot from your neighbor or from someone talking to you on a podcast if you just listen and maybe even ask questions that you were even uncertain of whatever it is. You can learn a lot. I’ll keep it that simple.”

In a world where some feel like they have to make a lot of noise in order to be heard, simply listening to each other and learning from each other are very wise words. As much as Steelers fans are looking forward to seeing what kind of play we can expect from Wormley on the field, getting to know the type of person the Steelers have brought into the locker room is also a welcomed sight.

Show respect, be kind, and listen.

Thank you for the wise words, Chris.

Wormley’s entire interview can be seen or heard HERE.