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The top 10 football families in NFL history

Blood lines run deep in the NFL, but which family is the best?

NFL: FEB 03 Super Bowl LII - NFL Honors Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Some people just have superior DNA than the rest of us. Then there's these families, some of which have loaded NFL rosters for generations. Today we are going to rank the top ten families in NFL history. A few family member may not have made it to the NFL, but they will still get a mention as a professional football player.

Note, I made this list exclusively dedicated to families with more than two members to play in the NFL. So you won't see any any pairs of brothers, father son duos, or a couple cousins on the following list.

10. Colquitt Family

Craig, Jimmy, Britton, Dustin

The first family in punting is the first family to be featured on this list.

Craig is a two time Super Bowl champ with your Pittsburgh Steelers, Jimmy played in a pair of games for the Seahawks, and Britton and Dustin Colquitt have played in a combined 25 seasons in the NFL and are still going.

The family has combined for 2,347 career punts and three Super Bowl rings.

9. Edmunds Family

Ferrell, Trey, Terrell, Tremaine

The 9th placed family has a ton of room to grow and features two more Steelers players.

Ferrell, the patriarch of the family played 7 years as a tight end and played in two Pro Bowls as well as being named to an All-Pro team.

Brothers Tremaine Edmunds, and Terrell Edmunds, were both 2018 first round draft picks. Tremaine has already played in a Pro Bowl and looks destined to play a long NFL career.

Oldest brother Trey Edmunds has played in 4 seasons to this point and has primarily been a special teamer.

8. Cromartie Family

Antonio, Marcus, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith

If there is a first family in cornerback play I would have to say it’s the Cromarties. With 36 combined professional seasons, and 61 combined interceptions, the Cromartie cousins have left a big impact on the sport. It’s possible at least one of Antonio’s 14 children could add to this list.

7. Brown/Thompkins Family

Eddie, Antonio, Kenbrell, Maurquise

We have now reached a fourth consecutive family on this list to feature a former Steelers player. Obviously Antonio Brown was on a trajectory to become one of the all-time best wide receivers. We all know what has happened since, but it’s hard to forget his run of dominance.

Cousin Marquise Brown is rumored to have taken a big step this offseason and the Ravens have been hyping him up to break out in 2020. Kenbrell Thompkins played 4 years in the league and Antonio’s father Eddie Brown never actually played in the NFL but was an arena league MVP and is worth mentioning on this list.

6. Gronkowski Family

Rob, Glenn, Dan, Chris

The Gronk’s really only make the list on the back of brother Rob Gronkowski. Rob is one of the best tight ends in NFL history and depending on what he can do in Tampa Bay could go down as the games greatest tight end.

Glenn, Dan, and Chris played in a combined 10 NFL seasons. Brother Glenn brought home a Super Bowl LI ring playing with Rob and the New England Patriots.

5. Long Family

Howie, Chris, Kyle

Howie Long is one of the greatest pass rushers in NFL history. An 8 time Pro Bowler, 5 time All-Pro, and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he won a Super Bowl with the Raiders and finished his career with 84 career sacks.

Chris Long bested his Dad’s Super bowl total winning back-to-back rings as a member of the Patriots and Eagles. He finished his career with 70 career sacks, and a Walter Peyton Man of the year award.

Kyle Long is the only member to play on the offensive side of the ball as a guard for 7 seasons with the Chicago Bears. He was named to 3 Pro Bowls and was a second team All-Pro pick back in 2014. Injuries unfortunately cut Kyles career short, retiring in 2019.

4. Watt Family

J.J., Derek, T.J.

I place the Watts so high on this list because big bro J.J. Watt is already destined for Canton, Ohio, and because the potential youngest brother T.J. Watt has already showed.

The two defensive Watt’s have a combined 130 career sacks, and 7 Pro Bowls between them. J.J. has also been named NFL Defensive player of the year 3 times.

Middle brother Derek Watt has quietly been one of the best Fullbacks and special teamers in the NFL the past 4 seasons.

When all is said and done, the Watt boys could be placed even higher on this list.

3. Hannah Family

Herb, John, Charley

John Hannah is perhaps one of the greatest offensive lineman in NFL history. With 9 Pro Bowls, 10 All-Pros, and a member of both the 70’s and 80’s all-decade team, John could single handedly boost this family onto this list. But brother Charley was no slouch himself. Charley played 12 seasons in the NFL and accomplished something John never did, winning a Super Bowl (XVIII)

Father Herb only played in 12 career games but his sons are some of the NFL’s finest.

2. Manning Family

Archie, Peyton, Eli

The best Quarterback family bar none. We already know the Mannings accomplishments, but when you add them all up it is absolutely mind-boggling. Check out these combined career stats:

4 Super Bowl Championships
3 Super Bowl MVPs
20 Pro-Bowls
2 Walter Peyton Men of the year awards
152,874 Career passing yards
1,030 Career passing touchdowns
48 seasons played

The Mannings are all that and a bag of chips.

1. Matthews Family

Clay Sr., Clay Jr., Bruce, Clay III, Kevin, Casey, Jake, Mike, Troy Niklas

Could it be anyone else? It’s hard to even find a place to start when it comes to the Matthews family.

Lets start with the three Clay’s. A tackle and two pass rushers and totaled 34 career seasons played — and Clay III is still going. Each Clay is a bit better than the rest. Clay Jr. and Clay III combined for 161 career sacks.

Cousins Troy Niklas, Mike, Kevin, and Casey Matthews bounced around the NFL with short stints here and there but still combined for over 10 seasons played.

Jake Matthews was a 6th overall pick in 2014, and made his first Pro-Bowl in 2019. He’s played in 6 career seasons and recently signed a 5 year, $75 million mega deal to protect former NFL MVP Matt Ryan. But it’s Jake father who's the greatest member of the Matthews family.

Bruce Matthews is a NFL Hall of Famer and one of the greatest players in NFL history. He played a total of 19 season, was named to 14 Pro Bowls, named to 9 first team All-Pros, and played in an insane 296 career games.

What do you think? Who was the best family in NFL history? Who would you add and order the list? Let us know in the comments below!