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The 25 most prolific Steelers jersey numbers of all time: 22nd place

The Steelers have had a plethora of great players representing one number over the years. Find out which one number is ranked 22nd.

Steelers Kimo von Oelhoffen Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

BTSC continues to rank the best numbers in team history on a standpoint of thriving over time throughout multiple players. It seems there are a few numbers which are always represented with quality play in Steelers lore. One BTSC author has wondered aloud “what is the most accomplished number in Steelers history?” Through player and jersey value rankings found in Pro Football Reference, we have ranked the most successful numbers in Steelers history worn by various players. You won’t see numbers like 12, 58, 75, 32, 52, 59, 36, 63 and 47 as it would be basically ranking an individual player over the other and not the cumulative effort. In today’s submission, we take a look at those ranked 22nd. Enjoy.

22) No. 67

Super Bowl XVI - Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Rams

Most Notable: B.J. Finney 2016-2019, Kimo von Oelhoffen 2000-2005, Jamain Stephens 1996-1998, Duval Love 1992-1994, Gary Dunn 1976-1987, Craig Hanneman 1972-1973, Bob Schmitz 1961-1966

Current Wearer: Calvin Taylor 2020

Possibly the best to wear the No. 67 was Gary Dunn, a two-time Super Bowl champion in XIII and XIV and a mainstay on the Steelers’ defense for 12 seasons. The Miami Hurricane defensive lineman was a sixth round-pick in 1976 who never expected to stick on the loaded Steel Curtain. Dunn was just hoping to make $700 and play well enough to get on another team. But Gary played well enough that Chuck Noll kept an extra defensive lineman spot to retain Dunn. Named an All-Pro in 1984, Dunn had 18 sacks and nine fumble recoveries during his Steelers days.

Not far behind Dunn would be an unsung hero of the 2000’s defense...Kimo Van Oelhoffen. While his surname sounds like he would have been hanging out with Rose Nylund back in St. Olaf (Sorry. The wife has me watching Golden Girls reruns), the Hawaii native was a more than solid performer for the Steelers after five years as a Cincinnati Bengal. Abhorred now in Cincy after his clean hit took out Carson Palmer in the Wildcard Round back in January of 2006, he was a beloved figure in Pittsburgh and a Super Bowl champion. Over a 14-year career, Kimo’s finest days were in black-and-gold. Of his 26.5 career sacks, 20.5 occurred as a member of the Steelers.

Check back soon for the 21st best jersey in BTSC’s countdown of the most prolific jersey number stables in Steelers’ history. But first, a recap of the countdown so far.

Honorable Mention: No. 51, No. 93, No. 27 and No. 33
25) No. 24
24) No. 43
23) No. 83