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James Conner surprises his father with an extra-special gift

The Steelers running back posted his fathers reaction to the new car on social media Saturday.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers Pro-Bowl running back James Conner took to twitter to share a heart-warming moment between he and his dad when the younger Conner handed his father the keys to a brand new pickup truck.

Check out the video:

Sure, it might have come a couple weeks early from Father’s day. However, his Dads reaction is still absolutely priceless as the two Conner’s giggled and embraced.

It’s goes without saying that the pair have already been through a lot together. When James was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2015, his Dad was right beside him. When he defeated the disease his Dad, Glen, was right beside him yet again, and even when he was drafted into the NFL his Dad was where it was to be expected— beside him.

Through the ups and downs the Conner boys have been tight, and it shows through moments like this one.

James is the youngest of 5 brothers, and grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania. His ties with the team and the city run deep playing every single snap of his football career for a team where the three rivers meet.

Conner is heading into a contract year in 2020 and is looking to bounce back from an injury plagued season, in which he only appeared in 10 games. Though his status as a fan favorite has been tested as of late, he will always hold a special place in ‘Yinz’ heart.

The 2020 season must be the year of Steelers players purchasing their parents expensive gifts as rookie Chase Claypool also bought both his Mom and Dad a vehicle a couple weeks ago.

Although these moments have nothing to do with player’s production on the field, it is great for Steelers’ Nation to see they importance of family to so many of their favorite players.