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Steelers’ defensive lineman Chis Wormley: “I’m ready for the challenge”

In an exclusive interview with Behind The Steel Curtain, Chris Wormley discussed where he may be playing along the defensive line

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

In an exclusive interview with Behind The Steel Curtain, new Steelers’ defensive lineman Chris Wormley talked about variety of topics from his time in Baltimore to a transition to his favorite team growing up— the Pittsburgh Steelers. One particular issue was where Wormley would be expected to play along the defensive line.

When I asked about playing the nose tackle position, especially since Wormley is the only player listed as a nose tackle on the Steelers website, he mentioned it would be something he would be willing to do but would like to make adjustments to his body in order to play on the inside.

“I think, especially what I’ve seen so far when we’re watching film as a defense, is that they are pretty fluid as to who plays what, especially on the inside,” Wormley explained. “I know Hargrave last year played nose and he wasn’t the biggest of guys— he’s probably about 305. I know the guys at the Ravens were 340— Pierce and Brandon Williams were pushing 340 when it comes to nose tackle. If that’s the case, I need to gain about 40 pounds to get to that weight.”

Although Wormley feels he needs to put on a little more weight in order to take on the interior of the defensive line, it’s definitely something he’s willing to do.

“I think I can play inside,” Wormley continued. “If they need me to play nose I think they should give me a heads up so I can put some pounds on. They play a lot of 4-3 defense and those two guys in the middle pretty much stay left and right. I feel like I can play up and down the line, so wherever they need me I’m excited for the opportunity to get to work.”

As a follow-up question, I asked Wormley if he truly weighs 300 pounds, the weight he is listed by the NFL.

“Right now I’m probably a little less because it’s the offseason and I want to take a few pounds off the joints. During the season I play around 300, and like I said, if they need me to gain a little extra weight to be in the trenches, that’s what I’ll do and I’m ready for the challenge.”

During the section of the show when viewers in the live chat could ask questions, BTSC podcaster Lance Williams asked Wormley if he was more comfortable in a three (between the guard and tackle), two (right over the guard), or one technique (between the guard and center) on the defensive line.

“I would say I’m definitely mostly a three-tech. That’s what I played a lot of with Baltimore. But I can play two, and if you give me enough time I can put a few pounds on and play the one. I would say all three, but I’m most comfortable at the two or three-tech.”

The Steelers knew exactly how the Ravens said used Wormley in his three seasons in Baltimore. Usually building to their players strengths, it will be interesting to see if Wormley sticks to more of a defensive tackle position or if he occasionally slides down to play the nose. Regardless, Wormley is ready to contribute to the Steelers in anyway possible towards bringing a seventh Lombardi to the Steel City.

Stay tuned to Behind The Steel Curtain for more highlights from our exclusive interview with Steelers defensive lineman Chris Wormley. If you would like to check out the entire interview on YouTube, click HERE.