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Every team in the AFC North views the Steelers as their biggest rival

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The Steelers being the gold standard in the AFC North was something we already knew, but here’s the data to support it.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Last week, BTSC dove into looking at who the Steelers biggest rival was in 2020. In doing so, I made the statement each of the other AFC North teams saw the Steelers as their chief rival within the division and across the entire league. After compiling the data through SB Nation Reacts, my suspicions were confirmed as the Steelers came in as the overwhelming rival for each of the AFC North teams.

The team’s fan base who believed the Steelers were the biggest rival in the AFC North who had the lowest percentage was actually the Cleveland Browns. Just under 85% of Browns fans considered the Steelers is their biggest rival as around 13% viewed the Baltimore Ravens as their chief competition. It is interesting since the city of Cleveland has always had a disliking for the Ravens as they are actually their former franchise. Even after Baltimore has won two straight division titles, Browns fans look more to the Steelers rather than the Ravens.

As for the Cincinnati Bengals, they came in with about 88% of their fans viewing the Steelers as their biggest rival in the NFL.

One of the more surprising developments wasn’t the fact the Baltimore Ravens viewed the Pittsburgh Steelers as their chief rival, but the overwhelming response to the votes. According to SB Nation Reacts, all 100% of the Ravens fan base who voted in the poll chose the Steelers as their biggest rival.

As for the Steelers results, 95% of the fan base views the Ravens as the Steelers chief rival which falls very close to our own poll from last week. The remaining votes were an even split between the Browns and the Bengals.

Some other interesting data showed both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Las Vegas Raiders voted the Steelers their biggest rival outside of their own division.

When it came to overall rivalries across the NFL, the Steelers-Ravens rivalry came in a very close second just behind the Bears and Packers.

Honestly, the numbers came back much how I expected. As most Steeler fans know, the black and gold is the standard of the AFC North and still the team to beat by every team involved. As for the Steelers and the Ravens rivalry as a whole, the only thing keeping them back from being the top rivalry in the NFL is the 100-year historic nature of the Packers and Bears.