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The Steelers are scheduled to play in an empty stadium Week 1

New Jersey Governor will not make an exemption for NFL games

Across U.S., Stadiums, Landmarks Illuminated In Blue To Honor Essential Workers Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The Steelers will play the New York Giants in Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season. Today the Giants and Jets released a joint statement stating that they will continue to plan for the season without fans in the stadium.

While Pittsburgh Steeler fans are still waiting to hear what will happen with their tickets, fans of the Jets and Giants now know that they will not be attending home games at all in 2020.

The plans the NFL is currently debating involve playing the 3rd preseason game as either the only, or one of two preseason games. That preseason game for the Steelers is on the road playing the Jets, while the season opener will be on the road facing the Giants. This means if the NFL and players come to a compromise to play one preseason game, the Pittsburgh Steelers will start their season with two games in empty stadiums.

The NFL news is flying fast and furious right now, as players and owners work to forge a compromise that will let the season start on time. At least two NFL teams have a lot more clarity on their revenue situation now, although the news isn’t what anyone would hope for.

On June 6th Governor Tom Wolfe discussed his plan, which at the time, would not allow fans to attend NFL games, but also made it clear that he would be monitoring the situation and be open to changing the policy if the situation allowed.

As the Steelers, and their fans, await news of whether or not fans will be allowed to watch games in person, the first game on their schedule is already set to be played to an empty stadium.

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