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The Steelers have waived TE Christian Scotland-Williamson

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The former rugby player was part of the NFL’s International Player Pathway Program.

NFL: JUL 31 Steelers Training Camp Photo by Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After spending the last two seasons on the practice squad as part of the International Player Pathway Program, the Pittsburgh Steelers have released tight end Christian Scotland-Williamson.

Receiving an exemption for the last two seasons in order to keep Scotland-Williamson on the offseason 90-man roster and on the practice squad, the Steelers have released the former rugby player from the Worcester Warriors.

Only seeing limited action in the last two preseason, it was never really certain exactly how the Steelers viewed Scotland-Williamson. By being given the exemption, there was no reason for the Steelers to ever release him as he was basically an extra body for both training camp and the regular season.

It is unclear at this time why the Steelers needed to release Scotland-Williamson the week before the beginning of NFL training camp. Whether the team is preparing to enter training camp with a reduced roster, if there was another player available they wished to sign, or the Steelers may have been waiting for a third year of an international exemption, it appears Scotland-Williamson’s days in the Steel City have come to an end.

While many fans, especially those throughout the United Kingdom, were pulling for number 49 to succeed in Pittsburgh, Scotland-Williamson actually making it onto an NFL roster was always a long shot. Playing tight end for the last two seasons, perhaps the Steelers would have found another use for the 6’ 9’ 274 pound Brit. Looking at this tackle from his rugby days, perhaps he was not even placed on the correct side of the ball.

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